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Mark Voger

Do you remember The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen? The “polybagged premium” craze? The death of Superman? Renegade superheroes Spawn, Pitt, Bloodshot and Cyberforce? When vigilantes spilled blood by the gallon — and those were the good guys? If you love the comic books of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, read all about the sometimes glorious, sometimes gory era of comics known as THE DARK AGE (168-page trade paperback; $19.95)! Featuring interviews with Dark Age greats Todd McFarlane (Spawn), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Jim Lee (X-Men), Kevin Smith (Clerks), Alex Ross (Kingdom Come), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon), J. O’Barr (The Crow), David Lapham (Stray Bullets), Joe Quesada (Daredevil), Mike Allred (Madman), Dennis O’Neil (Batman: Knightfall) and others! With a color section spotlighting highlights — and lowlights – of THE DARK AGE!

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Jeff W. Horton

Suppose you learned that an ancient prophecy about an artifact, said to be powerful enough to dramatically change the world, was true. Would you risk everything to find it? It has been five-hundred years since the Pulse caused the Great Collapse, ending the Golden Age, and civilization on planet Earth. Humanity has waited ever since for a long-anticipated sign from God, which has finally appeared in the night sky. The time has come for Ferrell Young, the Warrior Clan, and the Church to risk everything in an effort to restore civilization, and bring hope to a world full of despair. Alex Montgomery is an archaeologist who has spent many years looking for a mysterious book on behalf of the Holy Christian Church. The book is said to contain the location of the Great Oracle which, according to legend, can endow the one who finds it with great power and wealth. Of much greater importance to the Clan and the Church however, is the fact that it may also enable the world to emerge from five centuries of darkness and suffering. When a powerful, intelligent, but sadistic barbarian leader named Kraken learns of the Oracle, he plans to destroy the Warrior Clan and the Church, take the Oracle for himself, and enslave the rest of humanity. Join Ferrell and his companions as they set out on a desperate journey to find the Great Oracle, and rescue humanity from The Dark Age.

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Greg Henry Waters

A BOOK BY GREG HENRY WATERS THE DEATH OF A MUSICIAN “A Composer of Art Music and the Dark Age of Music” by Greg Henry Waters Mark Twain, said, "to do something that no one else did is the real joy of life." This is what I am trying to do. We have to create a real culture not let the McDonald culture take over. I like gentleness in music. We need gentleness in the world not force. God is gentle. If music be the voice of God it should be gentle. This book is dedicated to al the people whom have participated in my life! Special Thanks to Steve Devitt and Kirsten Borg for thinking the book is important! Also to my two most important teachers, Bianca Rogge and Alfred Schmielewski! (Yogi Narayana)

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Anthony M. Snodgrass

This is a classic work of archaeology by one of the premier figures in the field. First published in 1971, A.M. Snodgrass' The Dark Age if Greece is the most comprehensive and coherent account available of this period of ancient Greece.

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Charles Fensham

In this fascinating presentation of faith, Charles Fensham argues cogently and passionately for a church that embraces hope in spite of the dark and destructive pressures all around it. Although a metaphoric dark time awaits Christianity, Fensham assures his readers that this darkness merely conceals the light for the future. "Emerging from the Dark Age Ahead " offers a prophetic and challenging call for contemporary Christians to ask where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going. "Professor Fensham borrows from Jane Jacobs the metaphor of 'the Dark Age ahead, ' bringing social and cultural analysis to bear upon a fresh theology of church and mission for our time and place. Drawing from deep roots in the trinitarian tradition, and borrowing insight from historic monasticism, he calls for a pilgrim, steward church that will speak and act constructively in the coming time of troubles. This is a creative, original work that will stimulate theological students and lay folk as well."-Harold Wells, Professor Emeritus, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto "Insightful, provocative, instructive-words that describe how this book helps the church navigate the deep cultural challenge it now faces of massive technique organized through digitalization. Grounding the church's life in a missional hermeneutic of reading Scripture and the church's identity in the social Trinity, Fensham boldly, yet carefully, charts a course for engaging the dark age ahead."- Craig Van Gelder, Ph.D., Professor of Congregational Mission, Luther Seminary Charles Fensham has a unique perspective on the emergent church. Born in apartheid South Africa and raised within the apartheid-tainted Reformed church, he is an immigrant to Canada with experiences of the church in France, Switzerland, the South Pacific and Africa. He teaches at Knox College at the University of Toronto.

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Dirk Brandherm,Martin Trachsel

A collection of 9 papers from a session at the 15th uispp congress, which aims to bring together recent research on early Iron Age chronology from throughout the Mediterranean, with the belief that comparative study would should shed light on common problems in researching chronology. In particular the contributors face up to the challenges posed to established frameworks for dating by advances in dendochronology and radiocarbon dating, and consider the difficulties in using Greek Geometric pottery for dating purposes.

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Alexis Allinson

It was the beginning of the Dark Ages across Europe... The mood of the people left them in despair. There was very little light to keep the population going. Murder, disloyalty, famine, disease, solitude and war effected everyone, as it became apart of daily life. Bruce was no exception to these events even with his royal status. From the time he was a young child, beginning with the murder of his mother, and throughout his life, Bruce couldn't get away from the atrocities that kept rampaging toward him. They were like a moth to a flame with only a few moments of respite. Bruce himself was filled with a darkness. One he would revel in without thought. One he would embrace at command when it was suitable. This was what could have been attracting what lurked in the shadows. The darkness followed and inevitably lead him to his fate.

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Traci Harding

The extraordinary and bestselling journeys of one woman throughout time ... the white light surrounded her, exuding from the ground within the circle. the mist rose towards the sky to form a billowing cloud. From within the largest stone a ball of blue light steadily made its way towards her. Late one evening, a car accident leaves tory - daughter of a prominent history professor - stranded near a ring of stones in the English countryside. She resolves to spend the night at the sacred site; a black belt in tae-kwon-do, tory holds little fear for her safety. But across the vortex of time and space, she is being watched. the Merlin knows of the legend tory is to become, and through the wisdom of the Old Ones, teleports her back to the Dark Age. Prince Maelgwn of Gwynedd and his band of knights stumble across this mysterious woman dressd in jeans and leather jacket. Believing she is the witch of the stones, they threaten to kill her. Rising to her own defence, tory challenges the Prince's champion to unarmed combat. With her superior fighting skill she easily overwhelms the warrior, winning the admiration of the Prince, and changing the course of British history forever.

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Tom Taylor

Once thought dead, Superman now returns to Earth to do the destructive bidding of Darkseid! The Wonders of Earth 2 have struggled to keep the forces of Brutal and Darkseid at bay. But now with the return of Superman, they can no longer stand up to the wake of destruction he brings. But now, with the emergence of a new and mysterious Batman, comes the hope that he may know how to defeat the rogue Man of Steel before Earth 2 is destroyed completely. Collects Earth 2 #17-20, Earth 2 Annual #2

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Anthony M. Snodgrass

This is a classic work of archaeology by one of the premier figures in the field. First published in 1971, A.M. Snodgrass' The Dark Age if Greece is the most comprehensive and coherent account available of this period of ancient Greece.

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Kurt Busiek

In the concluding volume of THE DARK AGE, collecting BOOK 3 #1-4 and BOOK 4 #1-4, two brothers, one good and one evil, must deal with family secrets and social upheaval, involving heroes from Jack-In-the-Box to the Blue Knight and the unsettling events leading to the final fate of the mysterious Silver Agent. Find out why this era was so troubled through the eyes of two men who survived the its depths!

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Aharic Alexander

Join the legends of the galaxy in their adventures that take them from one strange world to the next. They are the Wanderers and their institution has thrived for thousands of years. They, their agents, and the students they train, have kept the tradition of protection and peace alive throughout the countless planets they visit. But not everyone is enamored with these adventurous Wanderers, and now the entire Order is in peril. What is more of a threat; those on the outside, or those on the inside? The Wanderers must make their final desperate stand as they resist extinction.

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James Ballou

Would you be prepared to survive in the event of a complete breakdown of modern civilization? A man-made or natural global disaster could strand you for months, years or forever with no electricity, no water from the taps, no grocery stores, no city services and no government. Further, you'll be surrounded by countless others who didn't prepare - the very same people who mock survivalists by calling them paranoid pessimists and worse. But survivalists are the ultimate optimists. They believe that they will succeed - no matter what happens to the rest of the world - if only they can assemble the right supplies and learn the right survival techniques. Author Jim Ballou introduces you to the essential skills and mind-set you will need to survive a complete, long-term shift in the way the world operates. He tells you what items you need to assemble now and what skills will be priceless later. Learn how to assemble a survival workshop, recycle and salvage everything, develop survival bartering skills, prepare and store caches, and much, much more. More than a blueprint for bad times ahead, this informative guide may inspire you to attain a new level of self-sufficiency.

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Mark Huckerby

After the great battle at King Alfie's coronation, the nation thinks it's seen the last of the Black Dragon. But when a band of undead Vikings appears, Alfie, Hayley and the rest of the Yeoman Warders must prepare for the epic battle that's brewing.

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Mark Huckerby,Nick Ostler

After the great battle at King Alfie's coronation, the nation thinks it's seen the last of the Black Dragon, and Alfie gets busy learning what it means to fill his father's shoes. But when a band of undead Vikings appears, Alfie, Hayley and the rest of the Yeoman Warders fear that Professor Lock is back to finish what he's started. For the epic battle that's brewing, Alfie will need to enlist help from abroad, as well as from a mysterious new friend who seems to be watching over him...