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Alexa Rivadeneira

Seventeen-year-old Paige Taylor leads the perfect life. She has wonderful friends, an amazing boyfriend, a model family, and the promise of a long, memorable summer. But in an unexpected turn of events, Paige is forced to reevaluate her life and learn that her perfectly contrived world is flawed. Just when she feels like her whole family is betraying her, Paige struggles to find the support she needs to navigate the rocky road ahead. But what will Paige do when someone comes to town with the ability to change her life forever? Confessions from the Heart of a Teenage Girl portrays a girl's life falling apart and how she draws from her inner strength to fix it. This bittersweet novel takes readers on a journey of heartbreak, teen drama, friendship, love, and life.

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Harry Carroll,Ballard Macdonald

This Ebook contains the score of the song in C-Major. It includes Piano, Vocals & Chords. The musical genre is Traditional Pop. ### Die Originalversion von "There's A Girl In The Heart Of Maryland (With A Heart That Belongs To Me)" wurde 1913 veröffentlicht. Von verschiedenen Künstlern wurden in den letzten Jahrzehnten zahlreiche Bearbeitungen des Songs angefertigt. Mittlerweile gehört dieser Song zum Popular Standard. In dieser Ausgabe sind die Klaviernoten in der Tonart C-Dur im Violin- und Bassschlüssel notiert. Akkordbezeichnungen, Text und Gesangsmelodie sind in dieser Ausgabe ebenfalls enthalten.

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Stephanie Rochelle Redd

What would you do if a small voice inside you told you to quit your job, pack your bags and literally follow your passion wherever it leads? Would a smile immediately spread across your face, only to be just as quickly replaced with a sinister glare? Would you then start to beat yourself up for even entertaining such a crazy idea and, off the top of your head, begin listing 101 reasons why you could never do what that ridiculous small voice of yours is suggesting? Or would you go? Stephanie Rochelle Redd heard her small voice's call to a more passion-filled life, and after listing the 101st reason why she could never detour from the safe route she was on, she eventually did. Upon writing and self-publishing her first book, "Just because he says you're beautiful...," Stephanie embarked on an ambitious one-woman, six-week book tour across the United States. However, what she thought was the real objective of the tour turned out to be only bait for a mission with a far more miraculous meaning. Far from being just another book of travel essays, "A Six-Week Journey from Mirages to Miracles" is an inspirational story that shows how Stephanie's decision to literally follow her bliss not only led her to physical places that nourished her wanderlust, but to spiritual places that nourished her soul's lust for wonder as well. Let Stephanie's story inspire you to say "Yes" to the small voice of wonder calling inside of you.

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Lyn Andrews

Parentless and alone on the streets of Liverpool, Lizzie must fight for a brighter future... A nostalgic and poignant saga of Liverpool in the years before the First World War, from the Sunday Times bestselling author Lyn Andrews. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court, Donna Douglas and Rosie Goodwin. Liverpool, 1901. The Tempest family is all but destitute, barely able to put food on the table. When Florrie falls ill with pneumonia and Arthur is imprisoned after a drunken fight, their thirteen-year-old daughter Lizzie finds herself parentless, desperate and alone. Despite her young age, Lizzie has spirit and determination, and she knows that she must find work to keep herself off the streets. In a stroke of luck, she gets a job in the match factory, and foreman George Rutherford takes her under his wing. A new home with the Rutherfords promises a safe haven, but the years ahead will be far from trouble-free. And when Lizzie gives her heart, how can she be sure she has chosen a better man than her own father? What readers are saying about The Liverpool Matchgirl: 'I couldn't put it down' Amazon reader, 5 stars 'Love this book...another brilliant novel from a brilliant author' Amazon reader, 5 stars 'An excellent read, Lyn Andrews never disappoints' Amazon reader, 5 stars

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Jane Elliott

The moving, unforgettable new novel from the author of the bestselling inspirational memoir ‘The Little Prisoner’ Life was never going to be easy for little Dani Sinclair...