download ebook the other side of the lake the purple girl iii hungry received ufo space signals in 2125 and the new village under the sea the reptilian aliens. the pdf epub

Erik De La Torre Stahl

Is the year 2125 and Hungary received UFO signals. This book is going to take you in a trip to Nibiru planet where the reptilian civilization born. The black knight satellite a time machine will travel to the year 2015 to help Sagelete the reptilian lady to go back to her Nibiru planet. Amazing science fiction story by the author Erik De La Torre Stahl.

download ebook the billionaire's alibi: the proposition, the contract, & the scandal (the billionaire's alibi #1-3) pdf epub

Maddy Raven

Start at the beginning of The Billionaire's Alibi with The Billionaire's Alibi: The Proposition. "OMG I read the Billionaire's Alibi last night and I'm hooked! Fans of Scandal and Revenge will love this series!" ~ M. Hamilton, online reviewer The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Proposition Alexa Romo has nothing—no career, no money, no plan. Her boyfriend dumped her and now she's on her own... only, she can't seem to find her own feet to stand on. What's a girl to do when the clock is ticking on their shared apartment, and going back home is simply not an option? William Henry Harper has everything—the money, the career, the looks. But one woman haunts his thoughts—an ex-girlfriend who died because of his betrayal four years ago. Now, her younger sister is coming back to town, and she insists they meet up, even if it dredges up their long, sordid past... A betrayal, a murder, an unexpected proposition... The Billionaire's Alibi serials will shock you, tantalize you, and have you begging for more. The Billionaire's Alibi: The Proposition is the first book in this series. It is a serial novella is about 18,000 words, or about 100 printed pages. This romantic suspense is recommended for mature audiences ages 18+. The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Contract William Henry Harper is not happy about his mother's latest scheme to restructure his image. Still, he's confident he can get rid of the women who's been hired to be his fake girlfriend—all he has to do is exercise a little bit of patience and learn all of the skeletons in her closet. But when she saves him from the police, the press, and his own inner demons, will he be so quick to let her go? Alexa Romo is not happy that Rebecca is blackmailing her, no matter what the perks of being a billionaire's girlfriend are. She's confident that the Harpers have secrets of their own, and even more sure that if she can only discover them, she can use them against her captors. But when she finds herself falling for the fantasy, will she be able to betray this family for her own? The Billionaire's Alibi: The Contract takes the intrigue to a whole new level! This serial novella is 27,000 words, or about 140 printed pages. This romantic suspense is recommended for mature audiences ages 18+. The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Scandal There's a murderer on the loose and Alexa is unsure of her alliances. When some revelations about Will's past come to light, will she turn to someone from her previous life for comfort? Will is in deep trouble, and not just with the police. Alexa has lit a fire within him, and now he's unsure how to win her trust back. Can he protect her from the danger he's brought into her life? The Billionaire's Alibi: The Scandal completes the first third of this serial! This serial novella is about 25,000 words, or about 120 printed pages. This romantic suspense is recommended for mature audiences ages 18+.

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Thomas Troward

In the present volume I have endeavored to set before the reader the conception of a sequence of creative action commencing with the formation of the globe and culminating in a vista of infinite possibilities attainable by every one who follows up the right line for their unfoldment. I have endeavored to show that, starting with certain incontrovertible scientific facts, all these things logically follow, and that therefore, however far these speculations may carry us beyond our past experience, they nowhere break the thread of an intelligible connection of cause and effect.

download ebook the greatest thing in the world: the secret edition - open your heart to the real power and magic of living faith and let the heaven be in you, go deep inside yourself and back, feel the crazy and divine love and live for your dreams pdf epub

Henry Drummond

very one has asked himself the great question of antiquity as of the modern world: What is the summum bonum--the supreme good? You have life before you. Once only you can live it. What is the noblest object of desire, the supreme gift to covet? We have been accustomed to be told that the greatest thing in the religious world is Faith. That great word has been the key-note for centuries of the popular religion; and we have easily learned to look upon it as the greatest thing in the world. Well, we are wrong...

download ebook the second coming of the kkk: the ku klux klan of the 1920s and the american political tradition pdf epub

Linda Gordon

By legitimizing bigotry and redefining so-called American values, a revived Klan in the 1920s left a toxic legacy that demands reexamination today. A new Ku Klux Klan arose in the early 1920s, a less violent but equally virulent descendant of the relatively small, terrorist Klan of the 1870s. Unknown to most Americans today, this "second Klan" largely flourished above the Mason-Dixon Line—its army of four-to-six-million members spanning the continent from New Jersey to Oregon, its ideology of intolerance shaping the course of mainstream national politics throughout the twentieth century. As prize-winning historian Linda Gordon demonstrates, the second Klan’s enemies included Catholics and Jews as well as African Americans. Its bigotry differed in intensity but not in kind from that of millions of other WASP Americans. Its membership, limited to white Protestant native-born citizens, was entirely respectable, drawn from small businesspeople, farmers, craftsmen, and professionals, and including about 1.5 million women. For many Klanspeople, membership simultaneously reflected a protest against an increasingly urban society and provided an entrée into the new middle class. Never secret, this Klan recruited openly, through newspaper ads, in churches, and through extravagant mass "Americanism" pageants, often held on Independence Day. These "Klonvocations" drew tens of thousands and featured fireworks, airplane stunts, children’s games, and women’s bake-offs—and, of course, cross-burnings. The Klan even controlled about one hundred and fifty newspapers, as well as the Cavalier Motion Picture Company, dedicated to countering Hollywood’s "immoral"—and Jewish—influence. The Klan became a major political force, electing thousands to state offices and over one hundred to national offices, while successfully lobbying for the anti-immigration Reed-Johnson Act of 1924. As Gordon shows, the themes of 1920s Klan ideology were not aberrant, but an indelible part of American history: its "100% Americanism" and fake news, broadcast by charismatic speakers, preachers, and columnists, became part of the national fabric. Its spokespeople vilified big-city liberals, "money-grubbing Jews," "Pope-worshipping Irish," and intellectuals for promoting jazz, drinking, and cars (because they provided the young with sexual privacy). The Klan’s collapse in 1926 was no less flamboyant, done in by its leaders’ financial and sexual corruption, culminating in the conviction of Grand Dragon David Stephenson for raping and murdering his secretary, and chewing up parts of her body. Yet the Klan’s brilliant melding of Christian values with racial bigotry lasted long after the organization’s decline, intensifying a fear of diversity that has long been a dominant undercurrent of American history. Documenting what became the largest social movement of the first half of the twentieth century, The Second Coming of the Ku Klux Klan exposes the ancestry and helps explain the dangerous appeal of today’s welter of intolerance.

download ebook the initial reception of the novel

Dominik Wohlfarth

Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 2,3 (B), University of Freiburg (English Faculty), course: Oscar Wilde Proseminar, 13 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: This paper will be separated into three main parts. The first examines late-Victorian moral values, literary standards as well as Oscar Wilde ́s view of art and its criticism. The second part explores reactions of the audience, especially the press, to Wilde ́s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.. The third part then critically analyses these arguments and explains the role Victorian values and the resulting literary expectation played in the criticism.

download ebook the egyptians. the persians. the greeks. the romans. and the jews too. pdf epub

Harry James Waterman, Sr.

The Egyptians. The Persians. The Greeks. The Romans. And The Jews Too. brings to readers a detailed synopsis of Jewish history from King Solomon’s first year, 810 B.C., to the destruction of Jerusalem in 73 A.D. as recorded in the King James Version of the Holy Bible. Correlating the information found in the Holy Bible and the works of ancient Greek authors, the author generated a Creation Chronology that dates historical events via fi ve different systems: AD/BC; AUC; AM; SE; and, the Olympiads. This system establishes the nations Israel conquered in the chronicle of world history, especially during an era known as the Diaspora, seventy years between 402 B.C. and 332 B.C. This book brings to light a new concept about the number of kings who ruled Judah and the events that transpired in the Promised Land during those seventy years. It also unravels the mystery of why the ancient Jews were not mentioned in the works of the ancient Greek historians and at the same time it correlates all the ancient histories registered by Herodotus and brings into focus the role Alexander the Great took in Jewish history. Richly-layered and detailed, The Egyptians. The Persians. The Greeks. The Romans. And The Jews Too. is highly recommended to history enthusiasts, researchers and common readers alike.

download ebook the impending demise of the euro. the impact of monetary policy on the sustainability of the euro pdf epub

Tahmeed Zaman

The aim of this thesis is to study the impact of expansionary monetary policy on the European economies through the conceptual framework of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. The European Central Bank has continually reduced interest rates as a policy measure to counter the sovereign debt crisis and this thesis examines the implications of this venture. From Germany’s perspective, the viability of reverting to the Deutschmark in times of monetary instability is also explored. The results, based on the deductive reasoning principle of the Austrian School, are also discussed.

download ebook the secret life of the universe: the quest for the soul of science pdf epub

Amy Corzine Author

This deep-ranging and carefully studied book is a tremendous contribution to mankind as an example of how our world can integrate and live in peace and unity.' - Dorothy Maclean, Co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation 'The secret of a brilliant writer is not explaining the most difficult questions of the universe in the most difficult language...but explaining the most complex questions about our life forces, our universe and its energy with complete clarity, easily accessible for all to understand. This book is a masterpiece which, I am sure, will be recorded so in human history.' - Dr Harry Oldfield, Inventor/Scientist. Is there one force that binds us? In plain words, The Secret Life of the Universe clearly sets out the principal theories of philosophers and physicists from ancient times to the present day, and offers an urgent hypothesis: science is capable of revealing this most important of secrets. Our greatest opportunity will be to harness it, our greatest peril to deny it. Uncovering the worldwide research now being carried out in fields as diverse as human biology and quantum mechanics, Amy Corzine brilliantly demonstrates how opinions either side of the science-faith divide are converging. There is, beyond doubt, a universal energy.

download ebook the pig is in the pantry, the cat is on the shelf pdf epub

Shirley Mozelle

Having left his house unlocked to go shopping, Mr. McDuffel returns to find that the barnyard animals have taken it over and created chaos.