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Todd Hopkins,Ray Hilbert

Do you ever find yourself losing sight of the important things in life-work and stress can become overwhelming at times. Such is the situation where CEO Roger Kimbrough finds himself in this business parable. The Janitor was inspired by Todd Hopkins's personal experiences of interviewing overqualified retired businessmen for evening shift janitorial positions. Todd's applicants consistently would say they simply needed something to do. In this fable, janitor Bob Tidwell helps Roger to reevaluate how he is leading his business and his life. Bob's counsel is based upon six principles that Todd and coauthor Ray Hilbert discovered have the most impact on succeeding in business while holding together a personal life. Their insightful advice is delivered in a real-to-life story that inspires you to find greater fulfillment in your life. Like so many CEOs in the corner office, still working when the janitor arrives to do the nightly cleaning, Roger is having a difficult and stressful evening when he spills his guts to the older janitor. As their relationship develops, Bob, a retired businessman, promises help that will turn Roger's business and personal life around. The story follows not only their weekly meetings at the office but also the application of each principle: Recharge vs. Discharge View Family as a Blessing, Not a Responsibility Pray, Don't Pout Pass It Around Don't Spend, Invest! Leave a Legacy The Janitor's message will capture your mind and heart; stimulate meaningful, lasting life-changes; and show you how to influence your family, neighbors, and coworkers while experiencing business and life to the fullest. "Take a few minutes and devour this little book by Todd Hopkins and Ray Hilbert. It's going to be a motivational classic, and you'll be in on the first wave of inspired readers." - Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic; and Author, The Warrior Within

download ebook the janitor pdf epub

Jeffrey Reed

This is a story about an old janitor who only wanted to work so that he could one day make life better for himself, but Jason, the school bully, and his friends had other plans for the janitor. They would tease and mock him by playing jokes and pranks, as they had done to many other janitors before. And this time, it was supposed to be all fun and games, until one day it went too far—the janitor died. Now Jason and his friends had a price to pay, soul for soul, because hell had let loose an evil spirit on Jason and the school. Could the janitor be stopped, or would he have his revenge?

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Gregory Collier

Astonishing, tear-jerking, and thought provoking! The Janitor's Sons is a chilling and extraordinary inside look at urban life in America, and its suburban contrast. Gregory Collier tells the incredible true story of two brothers raised amongst the broad spectrum of social classes in Detroit, Michigan, and its posh suburbs. It is a story of agony and ecstasy, crime and punishment, and choices that can impact one's entire life. Somewhere in America is a young black male capable of becoming president of the United States, or anything he desires. However, in an era when a college education is more important than ever, he might not graduate from high school. With The Janitor's Sons, Gregory Collier draws a line in the sand and declares, "black males must not fail in school or in life - America is too important!"

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Andrew Clements

Ordinarily, no one would have imagined that Jack Rankin would vandalize a desk. But this was not an ordinary school year for Jack.... When Jack Rankin learns that he is going to spend the fifth grade in the old high school -- the building where his father works as a janitor -- he dreads the start of school. Jack manages to get through the first month without the kids catching on. Then comes the disastrous day when one of his classmates loses his lunch all over the floor. John the janitor is called in to clean up, and he does the unthinkable -- he turns to Jack with a big smile and says, "Hi, son." Jack performs an act of revenge and gets himself into a sticky situation. His punishment is to assist the janitor after school for three weeks. The work is tedious, not to mention humiliating. But there is one perk, janitors have access to keys, keys to secret places....

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W. Nikola-Lisa

W. Nikola-Lisa chronicles his life on the road as a children's book author. Although the stories in this collection reveal a wide variety of characters and settings, the central core revolves around the weird and wacky: a kiss on the hand from a first grader, a brief run-in with Benny the Bull, a case--or two--of mistaken identity. It's the curtain pulled back on a highly esteemed and delightful profession. Readers young and old will enjoy the stories in this collection.

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Paul Daffinrud

A young Milrose State college student goes out early one morning to prepare for his first bicycle race and is abruptly sidetracked when he discovers the body of a young woman, sadistically murdered and nailed to the wall of a pavilion. There had never been a murder in this small Minnesota town and now the first one for the records is a crucifixion. Recently appointed to detective status, Sally Fairfield receives a phone call from Detective Bob Carpenter of the Milrose Police Department and reports to the scene of her first homicide investigation with a hangover. Assigned to investigate the case, the two detectives quickly realize they’re in over their heads. Carpenter, a law enforcement officer for over twenty years, has never worked a murder case. With more than one suspect in the small town, they opt to call their friend, Josh Trimble, from the Minnesota Department of Criminal Apprehension. An arrest is made, but is this person the murderer? The three detectives have some doubts, but the inexperienced county attorney insists on an indictment. While the detectives review the clues, a trial takes place, and with lives at stake, revelations after the trial break the case wide open in The Janitor Solves a Murder.

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Robert Bush

The Janitor Brigade is guaranteed to make the reader think about his or her life like never before. Robert Bush does a masterful job of integrating the characters of the book into real-life scenarios that many of us face each and every day. Jonathan Gunn's life is about to be exposed, as the battle around him begins to unfold. As Jonathan's mind takes him back to yesterday's world, he finds himself afraid of what may be waiting for him in the darkness. As the war around him intensifies to a fever pitch, his life is exposed and he is able to see within his own soul. Afraid of what may lie on the other side of the door, Jonathan desperately searches for answers before it is too late.Robert Bush decided to walk away from his 25+ year career as a biotechnology executive and pursue his lifelong dream of "writing for God." His fast track up the corporate ladder wasn't enough, as he felt a significant hole in his heart that somehow needed to be filled. No longer is he living his life for corporate America, but instead he has funneled his energy and passion into what God has laid out before him.Robert has worked all over the United States and Europe building businesses for years. Today, his focus is on building God's kingdom instead! He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing and an MBA in Market Strategy as well. Robert lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters.(

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John Fulton

When an experiment at a high-tech research facility goes wrong, custodian Josh Murphy finds himself caught in a battle royal between a swarm of bloodthirsty aliens, a tangle of government conspiracies, and the girl who unwittingly got him expelled from college. With the clock ticking, Josh slowly realizes his involvement is no accident, and the only thing more unpredictable than the forces trying to kill him, are the ones keeping him alive.