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Valerio Massimo Manfredi

A dramatic historical thriller, The Last Legion is the exhilarating story of the last Emperor of Rome from Valerio Massimo Manfredi, the author of The Alexander Trilogy. The story opens on the day that the Western Roman Empire collapses finally in 470AD, as the Last Emperor of Rome is encamped protected by the Nova Invicta Legion. All is lost in the space of a few minutes as a horde of Barbarians sweep through the camp in the fog, kill the Imperial family and take the young Emperor captive. The Roman Empire is in ruins . . . But all is not lost. From the dust of battlefields emerges a small team of invincible warriors - The Last Legion. Their task is to rescue the Emperor and his enigmatic tutor and to try and resurrect the glory of Rome. All their strength of character and bravery come into play as they guide the last Caesar in a dramatic journey of escape through a devastated Italy and Northern Europe to their ultimate destinies in the land of the Britons... and the beginning of a new legend.

download ebook the last legion pdf epub

Chris Bunch

As the volatile human Confederation empire begins to unravel, a forgotten branch of the Army, assigned to patrol the farthest reaches of civilization, holds the key to keeping the peace among the frontier planets and preserving the crumbling empire. Original.

download ebook the last legion pdf epub

Chris Bunch

The human Confederation empire stretches across the endless night between the stars, slowly rotting from within even as it faces threats from without. And at its farthest reaches stand the forgotten men and women of the Last Legion - all that stands between the empire and chaos. As violence between factions escalates and the Legion strives to keep the peace, a planet on the edge of nowhere will set the stage for the empire’s final stand . . .

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Zane Grey

This carefully crafted ebook: “Western Classics Premium Collection – 27 Novels in One Volume: Riders of the Purple Sage, The Last Trail, The Mysterious Rider, The Border Legion, Desert Gold, The Last of the Plainsmen and more” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Table of Contents: Betty Zane The Spirit of the Border: A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley The Last of the Plainsmen The Last Trail The Heritage of the Desert The Young Forester The Young Lion Hunter Riders of the Purple Sage Desert Gold The Light of the Western Stars The Rustlers of Pecos County The Lone Star Ranger: A Romance of the Border Rainbow Trail The Border Legion Wildfire The UP Trail The Desert of Wheat The Man of the Forest The Mysterious Rider To the Last Man The Day of the Beast Wanderer of the Wasteland Tappan’s Burro Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon The Code of the West Valley of Wild Horses The Fugitive Trail Tales of Lonely Trails (Author’s Account of American Wild West Trails) Zane Grey (1872-1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that were a basis for the Western genre in literature and the arts. With his veracity and emotional intensity, he connected with millions of readers worldwide, during peacetime and war, and inspired many Western writers who followed him. Grey was a major force in shaping the myths of the Old West; his books and stories were adapted into other media, such as film and TV productions. He was the author of more than 90 books, some published posthumously and/or based on serials originally published in magazines.

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Malik Ducard

Discovering an unknown matter hurtling toward Earth, a clandestine organization sends an army of embryos to colonize another planet remarkably similar to theirs called Earth V2. The future mission is to protect Earth, but Dedridge, the leader of the V2 population, rebels. Aana stands between his loyalists and the cause for Earth, where a man rises through the ranks of the Air Force to become the protector of the planet. It’s world against world in this battle for love and survival.

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Chris Schweizer

Chris Schweizer’s award-winning historical adventure series continues in this new full color edition of Last of the Legion. When Legionnaire Peter Crogan loses a friend and comrade to a violent sand storm, he is forced to make a tough choice. Should he wait out the rapidly approaching end of his five-year term of service with the French Foreign Legion, or should he accept an offer of promotion and devote his life to a campaign whose purpose is an enigma to him? Crogan won't have much time to consider his options as he's besieged by the armies of the infamous Tuaregs, under attack from desert raiders, beat down by the relentless heat, and trapped in a cave with a mysterious and terrible creature that is picking off the people in his party, one-by-one…