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Bob W. Greene,Ann Mary Kearney-Cooke,Janis Jibrin

Bob Greene has helped millions lose weight and get in shape with his life-changing Best Life plan. Now Oprah's most trusted expert on diet and fitness teams up with psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke and nutritionist Janis Jibrin to zero in on common barriers to weight loss success. Together, they will offer practical tips and explore the latest science on emotional eating and lack of motivation. The Life You Want delivers the information and inspiration to overcome each obstacle - once and for all. (Bestseller)

download ebook the life you want pdf epub

Emily Barr

Fans of Rosamund Lupton and Sophie Hannah will adore this novel from the critically acclaimed author of BACKPACK. Ever wished you could just leave it all behind again? Emily Barr's unputdownable novel is about a mother of two with a seemingly perfect life who's really cracking up and longing to get away from it all. But when she finally gets to go away, to India, things are far from what she expects... She has to go away to come home to what she loves again.

download ebook the life you want pdf epub

Bob Greene,Ann Kearney-Cooke,Janis Jibrin, M.S., R.D.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WEIGHT AND CLAIM THE LIFE YOU DESERVE! Bob Greene has helped millions lose weight and get in shape with his life-changing Best Life plan. Now Oprah’s most trusted expert on diet and fitness teams up with psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke and nutritionist Janis Jibrin to zero in on common barriers to weight loss success. Together, they will offer practical tips and explore the latest science on emotional eating and lack of motivation. REWIRE YOUR BRAIN TO OVERCOME OVEREATING CONQUER EXERCISE AVERSION TAME YOUR SUGAR, FAT, AND SALT CRAVINGS TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IMAGE INCREASE YOUR HAPPINESS While the basic principles of weight loss are simple enough, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle. The Life You Want delivers the information and inspiration you need to overcome each obstacle—once and for all.

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Tal Ben-Shahar

What kind of life do you want for yourself? What choices will create this kind of life? In his New York Times bestseller Happier, positive psychology expert Tal Ben-Shahar taught us how to become happier through simple exercises. Now, in Choose the Life You Want, he has a new, life-changing lesson to share: Drawing on the latest psychological research, Ben-Shahar shows how making the right choices—not the big, once-in-a-lifetime choices, but the countless small choices we make every day almost without noticing—has a direct, long-lasting impact on our happiness. Every single moment is an opportunity to make a conscious choice for a happy and fulfilled life. Choose the Life You Want covers 101 such choices, complete with real-life stories, to help you identify and act on opportunities large and small.

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Stewart D. Friedman

"Must professional accomplishments come at the expense of having a full life? Not according to Wharton professor and leadership and work-life expert Stewart D. Friedman. In his new book, Friedman identifies critical skills for leading an authentic and balanced life, and illustrates them through the compelling stories of six remarkable high-profile people. He also shows how to develop and apply each skill through a series of exercises anyone can use. Each leader showcased in the book-Bruce Springsteen, Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, Tom Tierney, Eric Greitens, and Julie Foudy-exemplifies a specific set of skills for achieving greater harmony between work and life. Friedman identifies these discrete skills-for being real, being whole, and being innovative-that reduce conflict. Then, based on in depth interviews and research, he paints a dramatic picture of the creative ways these six very different leaders pursue authenticity and harmony every day. Friedman also includes exercises for practicing each skill, along with actionable ideas curated from research in organizational psychology and related fields, for applying them. This book will inspire and reinforce the changes people want to make to lead more balanced lives and to become better leaders"--

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Diane Easley

Create the life you want—right here, right now! Author Diane Easley gives you step-by-step guidance on how to make real and lasting changes in your life. The power to change is within you—and always was. You’ll learn how to take small steps, make room for change, explore what is really bothering you, find your voice, and find your path. You’ll acquire tools to know what works and what doesn’t for you in your life, and even how to build a tribe to help you make it happen. Create the Life You Want gives you inspired direction on how to develop confidence, stop worrying and step into your true power. “A consumable self-help book designed to help readers change themselves and make progress towards their life’s goals. Simple exercises and pages for note taking enhance this broad-minded, positive inspiration-focused guide to taking charge of one’s own life.” — James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review “Diane’s enthusiasm… is completely contagious. But more, it is a reflection of her deep wisdom and passionate heart. She breaths and breeds energy in powerful, impossible-to-resist ways. You can’t help it: you WILL be changed.” —Ronna Detrick, M.Div. Writer. Speaker. Spiritual Director. “Refreshing, candid, helpful and heart-centered. Diane Easley makes big concepts like meditation & universal energy as easy and approachable as brushing your teeth.” —Leslie Irish Evans, author, Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling “Diane’s passion for love, life and friendship is immeasurable. She is the ultimate motivator and her desire to make everyone the best they can be is profound.” —Sue Warren, Owner, Sue Simply Cooks

download ebook choose the life you want pdf epub

Tal Ben-Shahar

Explains how making the correct small, everyday choices can have a direct, long-lasting impact on happiness and quality of life, stressing the importance of identifying and acting upon both large and small opportunities for happiness.

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M. Perry

Ages 8 to Adult: : Illustrated: : Black/White: : Synopsis: A creative goal-setting workshop in book form. The book helps readers use their own writing, art and imaginations to envision and bring the future of their dreams to life by choosing to create the thoughts, words and deeds that will lead them there. Includes historical and contemporary stories and quotations to highlight concepts. Also includes 28 supplemental sets of work pages. Additional stories, quotations and work pages are available in the companion book on which "Daily Pages" is based, "Pictures of My Days-An Art & Writing Workbook for Creating the Life You Want. See "ictures of My Days" (ISBN: 0-9759251-3-X) for endorsements.

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Leslie Parrott

Help your kids soar with:Self-esteem... Self-control... A healthy attitude... Optimism... Kindness... Commitment... Strong relationships... Strength in adversity... An enduring faithWell-known counselor and popular author Les Parrott III teams with his dad, Les Parrott, Sr., to give hope, help, and advice for parents wanting to instill a lasting legacy in their children’s lives.Through the authors’ warmth and personal experiences you will find solid advice for helping your kids not only get off the ground but soar high all of their lives. Paper.

download ebook character as destiny: getting destiny to help build the life you want pdf epub

Timothy A. Keune

Do you want to cast aside old ways of thinking about success and replace them with behaviors that re-tool and re-invigorate your thinking about the future? In Character as Destiny, author Timothy A. Keune shows you how vision is the first step to realizing your dreams. Divided into four sections, Keune offers a message of life planning and quality thinking as the keys to success, he discusses: - Fate, destiny, fortune, luck, virtues and vices, strategy and tactics, principles and values and presents the nature of self and character, their role in our lives, and how virtues, vices, and principles work together under the umbrella term character - Tools you can use to follow your dreams, including the role of vision and how it morphs into purpose and planning for the future - Important capabilities, including judgment—making decisions and understanding their consequences - The traits of virtues and vices

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Bruce I. Doyle

This accessible step-by-step guide simplifies the complex subject of how your thinking creates your life. You’ll delight in learning how thought works, and how your thoughts connect you with the universe. You’ll also discover why so many people place such a strong emphasis on the power of thought on the influence of beliefs, and on a positive attitude. In short, you’ll learn why thought is a basic building block of creation.

download ebook the solution to all of humanity's problems - the secret to creating the life you want pdf epub

William Eastwood

From the upper echelons of the scientific establishment comes a completely new definition of reality and the human being. The most advanced physics in the world suggests that accumulated knowledge in all fields is based on a false premise. If so, all curriculum from grade school to university will need to be entirely overhauled. The end result will be a complete and total reversal of focus that will bring about a new human with entirely new and radical ways of achieving goals and solving problems. But we cannot do that while the pestilence prevents us and civilization from entering the promised land. Learn how to become powerful and unstoppable by having the right knowledge. We unknowingly wield immense power. We must recognize the fantastic power we possess and learn to use it constructively. Here and now we have the power to work magic of such proportions we have never fathomed. Yet unseized, such power waits for us to claim it. It is of no use until we awaken to it. It is all here, in the solution.

download ebook within you is the power - create the life you want pdf epub

Henry Thomas Hamblin

There is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things. There is in man a greater Self, that transcends the finite self of the sense-man, even as the mountain towers above the plain. The object of this little book is to help men and women to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into expression, wisely and in harmony with universal law; to build up character, and to find within themselves that wondrous Self, which is their real self, and which, when found, reveals to them that they are literally and truly sons of God and daughters of the Most High. There is no way whereby the discipline of life can be avoided. There is no means by which fate can be "tricked," nor cunning device by which the great cosmic plan can be evaded. Each life must meet its own troubles and difficulties: each soul must pass through its deep waters, every heart must encounter sorrow and grief. But none need be overwhelmed in the great conflicts of life, for one who has learned the great secret of his identity with the Universal life and Power, dwells in an impregnable city, built upon and into the Rock of Truth, against which the storms of life beat in vain. While this little work does not offer any vain promises of an easy life—for, if this were possible, it would be the greatest of all disasters—but rather endeavours to show how to become so strong that life looks almost easy by comparison (the life or fate does not change or become easier, but the individual alters and becomes stronger), yet, it does show the reader how to avoid making his life more difficult than it need be. Most people's lives would be less filled with trouble and suffering if they took life in the right spirit and acted in harmony with Universal Law. It is hoped that this little book may help many to come into harmony with life's law and purpose and thus avoid much needless suffering: to find the Greater Self within, which discovery brings with it a realization of absolute security: to bring into expression and wisely use their inner spiritual and mental forces and thus enter a life of overcoming and almost boundless power.

download ebook creating the life you want to live pdf epub

Florence Bienenfeld, Ph.D., M.F.T.

By working as a therapist, with families for over thirty years, Florence Bienenfeld, Ph.D, MFT, has put together a truly kind, loving, personal guidebook to improve one’s life and relationships. Creating the Life You Want to Live gathers decades of cutting edge therapeutic skills, Bienenfeld developed with thousands of patients, and presents them to you as a ‘game changing’ opportunity. Through anecdotal case studies, contextual principles and mind/body healing exercises and practices, you learn to change your life by identifying and resolving debilitating issues that keep you from thriving – so that you can create the life you want to live. “The suggestions I make throughout my book are intended to support you in achieving your goals. By the time you have finished reading, absorbing, and utilizing all vital skills, the goals you seek can become a reality.” —from Creating the Life You Want to Live.

download ebook passive millionaire - the new guide to creating the life you want pdf epub

Michael Russo

Unlikely High School Graduate Reveals How He Made and Lost His First Millon Dollar Fortune By Age 28... Then Turned Around And Made It All Back...Using Nothing But His "Street Smarts" And Experience! Learn how you've been lied to about success and financial freedom. Discover why "get rich quick" is a misnomer and you must re-program your thoughts to "think rich quick." Discover how your mind works against you and gives you exactly what you think you want. No, this isn't some mumbo-jumbo. Michael lays it out for you. Would you believe that you can "pretend" your way to becoming financially successful? You'll learn this strategy early in the guide and you won't believe how simple it is. Find out how Michael pulled himself back from the brink of suicide and physiological damage after his initial failure. More important, learn how he overcame his circumstances. And you are acquiring knowledge that can reap benefits for years.

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Like attracts Like. To attract money, you must be money. Money Energy will ultimately show you how to attract money by doing what you love and using your passion as a vehicle to contribute to the world. Your heart is in a good place and all you need is the fundamental foundation in which to build your idea and pursue your passion. This book is for people who wish to live from the heart rather than from the ego. It is more than just a call to action in taking your dreams, but a call to action to become those dreams. This book give you a sure way to become clear and focused as to what it is you want to attract, how you want to do it. Most people want to make a difference in the world and I'm sure you are one of these people. Energy Money gives you a way to focus on sharing and serving others in order to attract great amounts of money as a result. People often ask if they can make a living doing what they love. If you are one of these people this book will show you how you can.