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Tana French

New York Times bestselling author Tana French:“has become required reading for anyone who appreciates tough, unflinching intelligence and ingenious plotting” (The New York Times)“is the most interesting, most important crime novelist to emerge in the past 10 years” (The Washington Post),  “inspires cultic devotion in readers…most crime fiction is diverting; French's is consuming." (The New Yorker)Look out for Tana French’s newest novel, The Trespasser, available nowIn the "compelling"* and "pitch perfect"** follow up to Tana French’s runaway bestseller In the Woods, it's six months later and Cassie Maddox has transferred out of the Dublin Murder squad. But an urgent telephone call beckons Cassie to a grisly crime scene. The victim looks exactly like Cassie and carries ID identifying herself as Alexandra Madison, an alias Cassie once used as an undercover cop. Suddenly, Cassie must discover not only who killed this girl, but, more importantly, who is this girl? Best Novel of the Year by, The Christian Science Monitor, and Publisher’s Weekly Crime Fiction Favorite by Los Angeles Times Runner Up for Best Thriller of the Year, New York Magazine

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Philip Yancey

The human body is a likeness of God, its design revealing insights into the church, the “body of Christ” For bestselling author Philip Yancey, the late Dr. Paul Brand―the brilliant hand surgeon who devoted his life to the poorest people of India and Louisiana―was also a likeness of God, living the kind of Christian life that exemplified what God must have had in mind. In the Likeness of God combines the complete texts of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image―both Gold Medallion Award–winners which together have sold more than half a million copies―into one volume. Also included for the first time are eight beautiful litanies of praise on the human body by Dr. Brand. In Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Dr. Paul Brand and bestselling writer Philip Yancey explore the wonder of the human body and uncover the eternal statements that God has made in the very structure of our bodies. Their remarkable journey through inner space―the world of cells, systems, and chemistry―points to a still deeper unseen reality of God’s work in our lives. In His Image takes up where the first book leaves off. In five sections―Image, Blood, Head, Spirit, and Pain―the authors unlock the remarkable living lessons contained in our physical makeup.

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Tana French

A follow-up to In the Woods finds a traumatized detective Cassie Maddox struggling in her career and relationship with Sam O'Neill while investigating the unsettling murder of a young woman whose name matches an alias Cassie once had used as an undercover officer. 50,000 first printing.

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Fr. Edward Leen

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn. 14:6). Catholic Truth is not a collection of dogmas and philosophical principles, nor a series of dos and don’ts; it’s a Person—Jesus Christ. If your spiritual life is dry, an all too human effort to avoid “forbiddens” and occasionally (and usually begrudgingly) checking off a “good deed” to rack up the merit count or to make a payment on the purgatory tab, then you are missing the vivifying principle of the spiritual life—an intimate and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. “For this is eternal know Christ Jesus” (John 17:3). Allow Fr. Leen to lead you to a greater knowledge and love of our Lord through this collection of meditations on the life of Christ: • Annunciation • Nativity • Epiphany • Presentation in the Temple • Flight to Egypt • Hidden life of Jesus • Saint Joseph • Blessed Virgin Mary • Jesus’ humility and tenderness • Holy Eucharist • Passion and Death • Resurrection • Pentecost • The Way of Peace.

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Delmar Hagen

When we are "buried in the likeness of his death and raised in the likeness of his ressurrection" it is far more than just getting dunked in water. The types and shadows, called similitudes go so much farther.

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Hazel Offner

A deep look at Scripture―God's very words―is never wasted. In fact, not only is it never wasted; it's richly rewarded. The more deeply we dive into the riches of the Bible, the more deeply we can experience and serve God, the giver of all truth, wisdom, love and understanding. The new LifeGuide® in Depth Bible Studies help you do just that, taking you further into themes and books of Scripture than you might have gone before. As you see new connections between the Old and New Testament, gain an understanding of the historical and cultural background of passages, engage in creative exercises, and concretely apply what you've learned, you'll be amazed at the breadth of the knowledge and wisdom you gain and the transformation God can work in you as you meet him in his Word. Each session provides enough material for a week's worth of Scripture study along with a weekly group discussion guide that pulls all of the elements together. This guide is based on and includes the inductive Bible study Fruit of the Spirit from the bestselling LifeGuide® Bible Study Series--only now it has been expanded for a new kind of study experience. In A Deeper Look at the Fruit of the Spirit, specifically, you'll discover what your biggest barriers to joy might bewhat biblical writers meant by "peace" (hint: it's more than an absence of fighting)what to do when you realize you're not as nice a person as you thought you werewhat the Old Testament teaches us about God's gentleness and much more. If you're longing to go deeper in your understanding of God and his Word, LifeGuide® in Depth Bible Studies are for you. These new studies will meet your need for both rich, solidly researched content and personal application. They'll meet your need for Bible study that challenges your head and your heart. Most of all, we pray you'll meet God in them.

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Hazel Offner

Hazel Offner examines nine biblical passages that touch on the Fruit of the Spirit in the Christian life for these Bible studies, part of the LifeGuide series.

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Plaxides Madzivire

Leading Children to the likeness of Christ is a book that guides children, would be parents and parents to mould their lives and those of their loved ones into a life that pleases the Lord. The book helps you to find a true saving encounter with Jesus Christ before you help another person. It is based on the Love of God to humanity which is imparted to us when we have the life changing encounter. Love is used in the book as the tool to win over our children even if they had lost the way. Love conquers all. The book has clear simple steps to follow from leading the unborn child to the adult child. Covering things like, prayer, control of the tongue, dressing and the meaning of prints and designs, responsibility, accountability, gifts and toys. Everyone can be a prayer warrior if they are given the right teaching. There is a prayer guide at the end of each chapter which makes it possible to be used even by the child alone. This books prepares families to meet the Lord and how they can keep their wedding garment white and clean. Each family member can use the same steps to help their friends and relatives to experience the same encounter they had. This is a book for everyone.

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Terry Wardle

Terry Wardle presents compelling evidence that countless churches are made up of people who seem perpetually caught in spiritual infancy. What does it really mean to be Christlike? Christians today are struggling with immaturity because they do not know the answer to that question. This book surveys the life of Jesus to identify eight characteristics of Christ that are to be nurtured by the Holy Spirit in the believer's life. Being transformed into the likeness of Christ is the true mark of spiritual maturity.

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Dan Savard

"On a winter's day in 1889, Tsimshian Chief Arthur Wellington Clah went to Hannah and Richard Maynard's photography studio in Victoria "to give myself likeness." In Images from the Likeness House, Dan Savard explores the relationship between First Peoples in British Columbia, Alaska and Washington and the photographers who made images of them from the late 1850s to the 1920s. He gives examples of the great technological advancements that took place, from wet-glass-plate to nitrate-film negatives, showing the images in their original state, not cropped, corrected or retouched.

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Mary Whyte

More Than a Likeness: The Enduring Art of Mary Whyte is the first comprehensive book on the life and work of one of today's most renowned watercolorists. From Whyte's earliest paintings in rural Ohio and Pennsylvania, to the riveting portraits of her southern neighbors, historian Martha R. Severens provides us with an intimate look into the artist's private world.With more than two hundred full-color images of Whyte's paintings and sketches, as well as comparison works by masters such as Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, and John Singer Sargent, Severens clearly illustrates how Whyte's art has been shaped and how the artist forged her own place in the world today.Though Whyte's academic training in Philadelphia was in oil painting, she learned the art of watercolor on her own--by studying masterworks in museums. Today Whyte's style of watercolor painting is a unique blend of classical realism and contemporary vision, as seen in her intimate portraits of Southern blue-collar workers and elderly African American women in the South Carolina lowcountry."For me ideas are more plentiful than the hours to paint them, and I worry that I cannot get to all of my thoughts before they are forgotten or are pushed aside by more pressing concerns," explains Whyte. "Some works take time to evolve. Like small seeds the paintings might not come to fruition until several years later, after there has been ample time for germination."Using broad sweeping washes as well as miniscule brushstrokes, Whyte directs the viewer's attention to the areas in her paintings she deems most important. Murky passages of neutral colors often give way to areas of intense detail and color, giving the works a variety of edges and poetic focus. Several paintings included in the book are accompanied by enlarged areas of detail, showcasing Whyte's technical mastery.More Than a Likeness is replete with engaging artwork and inspiring text that mark the mid-point in Whyte's artistry. Of what she will paint in the future, the artist says, "I have always believed that as artists we don't choose our vocation, style, or subject matter. Art chooses us."

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William Simpson

Under the influence of Augustine, many Christian spiritualities dwell on human weakness and recommend a passive response to grace. According to such spiritualities, the most important fact about human beings is that we are sinners in need of salvation. In From Image to Likeness, William Simpson suggests that our human natures are unfinished and that the Christian spiritual journey finds its fullest expression when one's life reflects God's creative and sustaining activity. We are already bearers of the divine image because we are God's creatures, and we resemble that from which we came. We grow into the divine likeness as we cooperate with grace and begin to manifest God's presence in the world.By emphasizing the incarnational aspects of the Christian message, Simpson offers a traditionally rooted alternative to these Augustinian spiritualities. Here, the spiritual journey emerges not as a flight from one's wounded and corrupt nature, but as the ongoing discovery of one's true nature as a child of God.

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Terry E. Warr

There is more to you than meets the eye, he explained. "Whenever you look in the mirror, I know you only expect to see your image, but your image reflects only how you look on the outside. There is so much more to you than your physical appearance. There is more to you than the mirror can show you. If you are like most people, you have bought into the notion that mirrors don't lie. But I am here to tell you that mirrors do lie. They tell you half-truths, which are nothing more than lies. They never reveal who you are on the inside. I am here to take you beyond the ordinary limits of the mirror . . .