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Joseph Scapellato

Existential noir meets absurd comedy when a young man reluctantly enlists as source material for an art project Stanley had known it was a mistake to accept his uncle Lech’s offer to apartment-sit in Prague—he’d known it was one of Lech’s proposals, a thinly veiled setup for some invasive, potentially dangerous performance art project. But whatever Lech had planned for Stanley, it would get him to Prague and maybe offer a chance to make things right with T after his failed attempt to propose. Stanley can take it. He can ignore their high jinks, resist being drafted into their evolving, darkening script. As the operation unfolds it becomes clear there’s more to this performance than he expected; they know more about Stanley’s state of mind than he knows himself. He may be able to step over chalk outlines in the hallway, may be able to turn away from the women acting as his mother or the men performing as his father, but when a man made up to look like Stanley begins to play out his most devastating memory, he won’t be able to stand outside this imitation of his life any longer. Immediately and wholly immersive, Joseph Scapellato’s debut novel, The Made-Up Man, is a hilarious examination of art’s role in self-knowledge, a sinister send-up of self-deception, and a big-hearted investigation into the cast of characters necessary to help us finally meet ourselves.

download ebook the made-up man pdf epub

Karen Heuler

The Made-Up Man is a novel about a woman who sells her soul to the devil to be a man for the rest of her life. What could possibly go wrong?

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Franz J. Potter

This new collection of nine rare Gothic tales has been assembled to represent a wide range of adaptations, redactions, plagiarisms and condensations of Gothic motifs and characterisations in the 1820s and 1830s. From Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to Charles Maturin's Melmoth the Wanderer, The Monster Made By Man illustrates the evolution of the Gothic genre and revisits what is most horrifying- the familiar.

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Simon Adams

Shows some of the great buildings of the world, from the Egyptian pyramids to modern skyscrapers, and answers questions about their construction and use.

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Jason Gadsden

I remember a time when some ones colour was to do with their mood, or how sick they were. When British was a proud boast and a flag flown not an insult to your neighbour. When being born British was said to be like being born with one foot in heaven, before Man Made Lightning and showed us our other foot was in hell. Ulti Zucken is an old man, living alone, unclean in a dirty little house, at the end of his rubbish-strewn garden. Barely seen and almost never heard. With an interest in troubled youth and macabre fascination in the demons they dream. Nathan Trait is a wanna-be journalist who will stop at something to get his story, although he has no idea how far that will be And the rest of them, who cares? Their all mashed up, and mixed up like the rest of us, they could be dragged off any street in any town. Lost in their self-importance, greed and loathing, blind to the one true law every action has a re-action.

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Georgia Payne

This is a true story based on the authors life events where she shares her pain and misery. Content: Child abused and bullied for 10+ years and struggles with life. Suffers depression/self harm and drug misuse. From running away from home to losing a child, this book contains everything. Next book covers suicide and "Living with BPD". *Authors Note* If anyone is offended, needs help or wishes to ask a general question about "The Man Who Made Me This Way", you can contact me via email:

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Paul Spehr

W.K.L. Dickson was Thomas Edison's assistant in charge of the experimentation that led to the Kinetoscope and Kinetograph—the first commercially successful moving image machines. In 1891–1892, he established what we know today as the 35mm format. Dickson also designed the Black Maria film studio and facilities to develop and print film, and supervised production of more than 100 films for Edison. After leaving Edison, he became a founding member of the American Mutoscope Company, which later became the American Mutoscope & Biograph, then Biograph. In 1897, he went to England to set up the European branch of the company. Over the course of his career, Dickson made between 500 and 700 films, which are studied today by scholars of the early cinema. This well-illustrated book offers a window onto early film history from the perspective of Dickson's own oeuvre.

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Sherman K. Stein

Highly readable volume covers number theory, topology, set theory, geometry, algebra, and analysis, plus the primes, fundamental theory of arithmetic, probability, and more. Solutions manual available upon request. 1994 edition.

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Michael McCarthy

With climate change threatening the entire planet, The Man Who Made it Rain is a fable our time and a warning signal about our future. Journalist Michael McCarthy weaves together a narrative of real life events that occurred during an unrelenting drought in 1976-77 in Marin County, California. He then jumps ahead to the present day when global climate change is becoming harsh reality, and projects forward to a fictional future when weather-related disasters create havoc around the globe. As the past, present and future come together in a triple climax, the reader gets a horrifying glimpse of what happens when the world runs out of water.

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Hilaire Belloc

Professor Charles Lexington led a placid and uneventful life until he made the mistake of discovering a way by which lead could be turned into gold. A Mr. Bowry volunteered to help the Professor capitalize the discovery, and from then on things began to happen. Before Professor Lexington got back to earth he had been a match seller on the streets of London, an end man in a minstrel show, an inmate of a charitable institution, and a plumber. Here is just such a combination of insoluble mystery and waggish humor as brought unending delight to readers of Shadowed and the other "Chesterbelloc" tales in which laughter was crossed with diabolic plot. This tongue-in-cheek puzzler will tickle your funnybone and tax your ingenuity.

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Jilly Cooper

Lysander Hawkley combined breathtaking good looks with the kindest of hearts. He couldn't pass a stray dog, an ill-treated horse or a neglected wife without rushing to the rescue. And with neglected wives the rescue invariably led to ecstatic bonking, which didn't please their erring husbands one bit. Lysander's mid-life crisis had begun at twenty-two. Reeling from the death of his beautiful mother, he was out of work, drinking too much and desperately in debt. The solution came from Ferdie, his fat, fast-operating friend: if Lysander was so good at making husbands jealous, why shouldn't he get paid for it? Let loose among the neglected wives of the ritzy county of Rutshire, Lysander causes absolute havoc. But it is only when he meets Rannaldini, Rutshire's King Rat and a temperamental, fiendishly promiscuous international conductor, that the trouble really starts. The only unglamorous woman around Rannaldini is Kitty, his plump young wife who runs his life like clockwork. Soon Lysander is convinced that Kitty must be rescued from Rannaldini at all costs, even if it means enlisting the help of the old blue-eyed havoc maker: Rupert Campbell-Black.

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Dan Rottenberg

After decades of detective work, Dan Rottenberg has succeeded in writing the first biography of this exceptionally influential and elusive man.

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Mark Knowles

Choreographer Alex Romero created Jailhouse Rock, the iconic Elvis Presley production number, but never received screen credit for his contribution. This book tells his story. The son of a Mexican general, Romero escaped the Mexican Revolution, joined his family's vaudeville dance act and became a dancer in Hollywood. Part of Jack Cole's exclusive Columbia dance troupe, he was eventually hired as a staff assistant at MGM, where he worked on Take Me Out to the Ballgame, American in Paris, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and On the Town, among many others. When Romero transitioned into full-time choreography, he created the dances for numerous films, including Love Me or Leave Me, I'll Cry Tomorrow, tom thumb, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, and three additional movies for Elvis. Known for his inventive style and creative use of props, Romero was instrumental in bringing rock and roll to the screen. This biography includes first-person accounts of his collaborations with Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and others.

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Gerald D. Suttles

Discusses urban development in Chicago from 1976 through 1987 and how the lack of an effective planning body has led to disorganization, political influences, and control by market forces

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Bruce Watson

A fascinating portrait of the man who invented the erector set focuses on the life and times of A. C. Gilbert, the Yale graduate and marketing genius who created a toy that would radically change the market, and successive generations of boys. Reprint.

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Max Watson

By any measure, Juan Terry Trippe was a remarkable business leader - a visionary, devious, shrewd, deeply flawed, and ultimately inscrutable genius. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Harvard man, once called him "the most fascinating Yale gangster I ever met." Trippe built Pan American Airways from a single scrap of paper - a license to fly airmail from Key West to Havana - into the world's largest airline. In the process, he all but single-handedly shaped the world of air travel. If Juan Trippe had never existed, it's safe to say that the world would look very different from the way it does today. Here's his extraordinary story.