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Aidan Macfarlane,Ann McPherson

When Pete Payne's diary was originally revealed to an unsuspecting world the result was astonishing: teenagers piled out from behind the bike sheds to grab it from their friends; relieved teachers and startled parents were to be seen surreptitiously checking facts in well-thumbed copies. In response to international pressure Pete has now divulged the complete, unabridged, totally unexpurgated version, with no details spared - for other teenagers who want to know but are too embarrassed to ask, for parents who know some of it but are too embarrassed to answer, and for teachers who know most of it but don't have the time to explain.

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Cari Rosen

Whatever your age, becoming a mum for the first time brings with it excitement, anxiety and numerous challenges. But how do you cope when, to top it all, you discover you are old enough to be the mother of everyone else in your NCT group? The story of one woman, one new baby, a slipped disc and rather too many wrinkles, The Secret Diary of a New Mum (Aged 43 1/4) follows the tale of a midlife mum as she tries to make the transition from experienced TV producer to utterly inexperienced parent. One in five babies is born to a mum over 35, and the number of over 40s giving birth has doubled. The first humorous narrative account of what it's really like to be a midlife mum - whether it's deftly side-stepping any questions about age and baby number two or weeping as younger counterparts ping back into their size ten jeans within thirty seconds of giving birth - this is the thoroughly entertaining, insightful and often hilarious account of what happens as you face up to menopause and new motherhood at the same time.

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Ned Rorem

In the earliest published diaries of Ned Rorem, the acclaimed American composer recalls a bygone era and its luminaries, celebrates the creative process, and examines the gay culture of Europe and the US during the 1950s One of America’s most significant contemporary composers, Ned Rorem is also widely acclaimed as a diarist of unique insight and refreshing candor. Together, his Paris Diary, first published in 1966, and The New York Diary,which followed a year later, paint a colorful landscape of Rorem’s world and its famous inhabitants, as well as a fascinating self-portrait of a footloose young artist unabashedly drinking deeply of life. In this amalgam of forthright personal reflections and cogent social commentary, unprecedented for its time, Rorem’s anecdotal recollections of the decade from 1951 to 1961 represent Gay Liberation in its infancy as the author freely expresses his open sexuality not as a revelation but as a simple fact of life. At once blisteringly honest and exquisitely entertaining, Rorem’s diaries expound brilliantly on the creative process, following their peripatetic author from Paris to Morocco to Italy and back home to America as he crosses paths with Picasso, Cocteau, Gide, Boulez, and other luminaries of the era. With consummate skill and unexpurgated insight, a younger, wilder Rorem reflects on a bygone time and culture and, in doing so, holds a revealing mirror to himself.

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Lois Evans

Are you looking for results this year? Discover health, wealth and happiness in 2009. This unique new diary is guaranteed to make you feel great. Use it as your companion throughout the year, it is full of helpful notes and everyday suggestions which will guide and support you to live your life to the full. There is room to make notes and appointments as well as reminders to holidays, international and world days. The YOU diary is the only diary you will ever need; it is not only for you it's about YOU!

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Christina Gillian Ferens

"One hundred years after "The country diary of an Edwardian lady" was penned by Edith Holden comes a modern response as charming. New Zealander Christina Ferens shares her insights into the meshed lives of New Zealand fauna as uniquely observed on a daily basis in a still-remote part of the country."--Back cover.

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Derwent May

The Monday morning Nature Notes in The Times are one of its most popular features, giving a uniquely vivid portrait, week by week, of the life of the countryside. Based on the Nature Notes, The New Times Nature Diary contains a year's observation of nature in Britain recorded with all their subtle changes as the weeks succeed each other and the seasons unfold.

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Louise Hannah

This is a story that must be told. It tells the lifestyle and relationship problems of a woman in her sixties, involved with the romance of her gentlemen friends. No one knew the depth of her love, the loss of their relationship, and how difficult it was to recover. Journaling in her diary was the only way that Ava wanted to share her encounters without being judged. She realized that she was drawn to the same type of men and the outcome was always the same. Then she met Eric…

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Anon - "Anzac"

The job of a sapper in war-time is never a sinecure, much less in the conditions of the First World War. This anonymous New Zealand author gives a full and frank account of the fighting with the “Anzac” forces in Gallipoli. The sapper enlisted during the early months of the war and by December 1914 was off to the Middle East. After much training and many adventures in and around Cairo, the sapper was posted to the Anzac forces at Gallipoli, where his sojourn in the crucible of fire, suffering and death would last for two months before being invalided home. Written from his diary notes of the time, the action is recounted with immediacy, verve and wit. An essential addition to anyone wanting to read about the Gallipoli campaign. Author – Anon. Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in London, W. Heinemann, 1916. Original Page Count – 210 pages.