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Talia Hunter

The one thing they can’t do is fall in love.Three rich and powerful men think they have it all. Then they meet three strong, fearless women who challenge them in ways you won't believe.Will this stubborn millionaire, bad-boy billionaire, and hot shot CEO find the happiness they deserve?________________________________________________How To Master A MillionaireMillionaire Max has landed a big movie role playing a submissive. The problem? He hates not being in charge.And when he hires a dominatrix so he can practise taking orders, the woman he employs isn’t really a dominatrix.Ally's hustled her way into the job because she's a broke blogger who needs a juicy story to rescue her sister from financial disaster. Now shy girl Ally needs to figure out how to boss Max into submission, though she’s clueless about anything kinky.And with Ally’s betrayal about to destroy Max’s career, she'd better not fall in love…________________________________________________How To Boss A BillionaireTo help with his bad reputation, billionaire Damien agrees to be a prize in a charity auction. Bad idea.He gets won by the worst person possible: a pink-haired sex shop owner who doesn't even like him.The last thing Damien’s reputation needs is for him to be seen in Geena’s adult toy store. But this sassy, irritating, intriguing woman has him over a barrel. So he’ll play along.For now. And although Geena smells like candy, there’s no way he’ll have a taste…________________________________________________How To Seduce A CEOHot shot CEO Marcus has decided who to hire for the top job, and it’s not Angel, no matter how tempting she might be. But Angel’s determined to turn the tables on her boss and make Marcus realize the office underdog might be the right person to put in charge. When their passion explodes it changes everything.Will they lose their careers… or their hearts? ________________________________________________Treat yourself to three sexy, funny, feel-good reads. Get this sizzling romance series now.

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Lucy Edge

Stuck in Slough, Meg’s going nowhere fast. Boxed in and stitched up, she jumps at the chance to work at Shine – the last word in luxe yoga, complete with cellulite-banishing yoga pants and high-tech mats. She loves putting her brand smarts into action, and her office view of the Gherkin, but when Shine threatens to shut down a small but beloved neighbourhood yoga studio, Meg’s forced to make a choice. Is she to be a buff-bodied, corporate girl, circling the globe and dating her sexy, charismatic boss, or does her heart lie closer to home, with the granola guy up the road and her own soul-fired business? Down Dog Billionaire is a heart-warming comedy of errors for any woman balancing bitchy colleagues,crazy friendships and men being men, with the never-ending temptation of chocolate.

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Tyler Grupe

Much has been written about the Forbes rich list and the culture of various nations and the influence of the desire for fame and fortune. While not everyone sees becoming the richest man in the world as his/her life goal, there are few people who wouldn't want to be able to live comfortably, buy what they wanted, and never have to worry about financial stress or pressure in their future. The image of the wealthy is really a cultural myth. Most of the wealthiest people in the world are very hard working, incredibly creative, driven, and passionate people about what they do. They are often largely unrecognized, as they go about their business, focusing less on public image and attention and more on running a hugely successful business empire. Some of the richest people in the world who are very literally self made, creating a unique product or idea and seeing it through the challenges and hardships to rise to the top of their given industries. Others have inherited a business, conglomerate, or international company and have continued to expand and multiply their holdings.Learn the secrets of wealth from the 25 richest people in the world according to the Forbes rich list.

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Andrea Briggs

Superfoods are the planet's best natural foods when it comes to nourishing your mind and body. They have the ability to transform your health and life. And, they are affordable and accessible.In this book, you will find the best Superfood for:- Overall Well Being Feelings/Natural Mood Booster- Anti-Aging and Reverse Aging (Natural Cellular Rejuvenation)- Increased Energy and Endurance- Permanent Digestive Improvement- Muscle Strength and Health (Works wonders for Athletes)- Nature's Viagra for Improved Sexual Drive and Performance- Permanent Skin Improvements (from the inside)- Detoxification/Chronic Pain and SicknessMy book focuses on the most potent and powerful Superfoods of them all. As expert doctors, nutritionists and herbalists will tell you, a Superfood can provide immediate and long lasting benefits but only if they are consumed consistency for the long term.Read my book to learn what these are and create a practical plan for increasing your energy, immunity and longevity.