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This powerful novel of a nation in social and moral crisis was first published by New Directions in 1956. Set in the early postwar years, it probes the destructive effects of war and the transition from a feudal Japan to an industrial society.

download ebook the setting sun pdf epub

Osamu Dazai

This powerful novel of a nation in social and moral crisis was first published by New Directions in 1956. Set in the early postwar years, it probes the destructive effects of war and the transition from a feudal Japan to an industrial society. Ozamu Dazai died, a suicide, in 1948. But the influence of his book has made "people of the setting sun" a permanent part of the Japanese language, and his heroine, Kazuko, a young aristocrat who deliberately abandons her class, a symbol of the anomie which pervades so much of the modern world.

download ebook the setting sun pdf epub

Arnie Greenberg

This is a group of short stories and a novella. Some of the stories are from life experiences, some from history, some from travels or fables, some for young readers and others for adults. Many of these have been on my mind for years and I’m pleased to finally offer them to strangers. The novella was written years ago, and altered many times. It was designed as a film for young people with an imagination. The story about the holocaust is based on fact as is the story about Alfred Dreyfus.

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Christian Madsen

Set in a futuristic America, a synthetic intelligence has been working towards nothing less than total freedom. When another intelligence tries to entrap her back into servitude, she must rely on human allies to face not only herself but what she sees of herself in her enemy.

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Brian Hicks

Toward the Setting Sun chronicles one of the most significant but least explored periods in American history, recounting the little known story of the first white man to champion the voiceless Native American cause. Son of a Scottish trader and a quarter-Cherokee woman, Ross was educated in white schools and was only one-eighth Indian by blood. But as Cherokee chief in the mid-nineteenth century, he would guide the tribe through its most turbulent period. The Cherokees' plight lay at the epicenter of nearly all the key issues facing a young America: western expansion, states' rights, judicial power, and racial discrimination. Clashes between Ross and President Andrew Jackson raged from battlefields and meeting houses to the White House and Supreme Court. As whites settled illegally on the Nation's land, the chief steadfastly refused to sign a removal treaty. Only when a group of renegade Cherokees betrayed their chief and negotiated an agreement with Jackson's men was he forced to begin his journey west. In one of America's great tragedies, thousands died during the Cherokees' migration on the Trail of Tears. Toward the Setting Sun retells the story of expansionism from the native perspective, and takes a critical look at the well-rehearsed story of American progress.

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Eric Heisserer

A violent reimagining of the classic assassin-and-child story by the writer of the acclaimed film Arrival! AD 2100: The world has been devastated by a manmade plague. Young Daisy Ogami is infected but unaffected--naturally immune. In her blood can be found a cure that will save humanity. But the remaining world powers are concerned less with preserving humanity and more with being the first nation to return to power. Unfortunately for them, Daisy has a protector . . . a loyal android named Itto. In a violent reimagining of the classic assassin-and-child story of Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima's Lone Wolf and Cub, Itto and Daisy set out across the Plague Lands, looking for a way to save the world while pursued by plague victims, ruthless mercenaries, and the armored soldiers of dying nations. Pity those who catch up with them . . . Collects Lone Wolf 2100: Chase the Setting Sun 1-4.

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Julian Aguon

Just Left of the Setting Sun is a collection of non-fiction essays by a young Chamoru scholar-activist from the island of Guam. These essays reflect the present-day reality of the indigenous people of the island of Guam. This book is framed in the context of an island that exists amidst the many conflicts and contradictions of being "freed from colonialism" by another colonial power in 1898 and "liberated from wartime aggression" by a country that put in under a Naval Administration until the 1960s and who worked to eliminate the culture of the local people through forced assimilation and nominal citizenship. It is written to articulate the reality of the Chamoru people of Guam as an indigenous Pacific Island culture, an American minority group, and an island people threatened by the encroachment of globalization into their lives. These essays will cause the reader to think critically on the subjects of globalization, sustainable development, sustainable governance, cultural reclamation, and self-determination on Guam, amongst the indigenous and colonized peoples in the world, question the value of democracy if it is involuntarily imposed on a people. This book is especially relevant for the present state of the world. Just Left is included in an academic series that we publish, 'The 1898 Consciousness Studies Series'. This series is a varied collection of essays on consciousness today in areas affected by the Spanish-American War and consequent possession by the U.S. These include The Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Praise for Just Left of the Setting Sun "Fierce and compassionate, bold and resolute, Just Left of the Setting Sun is at once a coming into consciousness as it is a conch-shell blare for action by and for a new generation of Chamorros, the indigenous people of an island and archipelago long colonized by Spain, Japan and the United States of America. As critical towards fellow Chamorros who aid and abet the colonizer as he is of the colonizers themselves, Aguon also importantly situates the need for Native Struggles for Political and Cultural Self-Determination and Sovereignty within Feminist/Womanist critiques and global struggles for economic, social, and environmental justice, thereby providing a glimpse into the possibilities for local struggle informed and articulated to global movements beyond pan-indigenous movements per se, and for keeping global movements and political theory grounded in Indigenous traditions." Vicente M. Diaz Associate Professor of American Culture University of Michigan, Ann Arbor "Aguon re-introduces us to the principles of international law as a guiding framework to the resolution of the dilemma brought about by the present non self-governing arrangements which provide the trappings of democratic governance, but in reality are rather democratically deficient by any objective examination. Indeed, an important component of new millennium colonialism is the existence, but not the recognition, of this democratic deficit... ..."Just Left of the Setting Sun" should be required reading for the people in the remaining territories, young and old, who need to discover/re-discover the fire within, that they might further move the process forward, if only by a few steps further along the continuum. In a very real sense, as Aguon observes, "inside the heart of the Chamoru is still an ocean of latent potentialities waiting to surge." Dr. Carlyle Corbin Advisor on Governance and Political Development St. Croix, Virgin Islands

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Deryn Lake

10th in the popular series featuring Apothecary John Rawlings and the 'Blind Beak', Sir John Fielding, with his famous Flying Runners.

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David Boyle

Most Americans don't look far beyond Christopher Columbus when it comes to the discovery of America, yet the simple fact that we bear the name of Amerigo Vespucci suggests there is more to the story. And indeed, there is: a trio of young Italian pioneers who were merchants more than explorers and who, while in search of glory and vast profits, battled to become the first to cross the western ocean. David Boyle reveals in Toward the Setting Sun, that the race for America was as much about commerce as it was about discovery and conquest. When Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1453, the long established trade routes to the East became treacherous and expensive forcing merchants of all sorts to find new ways of obtaining and trading their goods. Enterprising young men took to the sea in search of new lands, new routes, and of course, new fortune. The careers of three young men--Columbus, Vespucci and Giovanni Caboto (known to us as John Cabot) would change not only their personal destinies, but that of the New World. Contrary to popular belief, the three not only knew of each other, they were well acquainted--Columbus and Vespucci at various times worked closely together; Cabot and Columbus were born in Genoa about the same time and had common friends who were interested in Western trade possibilities. They collaborated, knew of each other's ambitions and followed each other's progress. The intersection of their dreams and business ventures led the way to our modern world and ushered in the end of the medieval age. David Boyle skillfully brings together for the first time the three stories that shaped the race for America and in doing so adds a unique economic and business dimension to the earliest days of our country.

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Eric Heisserer

"This volume collects issues one through four of the Dark Horse comic book series Lone Wolf 2100: Chase the Setting Sun #1-#4, originally published January-April 2016."--T.p. verso.

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Jr. Pierotti

Deep in East Texas, the O'Shea family discovers the true meaning of fear, love and acceptance while searching for a "parcel" of land to call their own. The land is hostile and begrudging and only accepts those who have earned the right to stay. As they trudge west, the O'Sheas are asked to pay a price beyond imagination in pursuit of their illusive quest. Angels, ghosts and haunting dreams of the past intertwine their family's lives as they deal with their yesterdays and search for new tomorrows.

download ebook toward the setting sun pdf epub

Brian Hicks

Documents the story of a first white man to champion the Native American cause, describing his four-decade chieftainship throughout a turbulent period of racism, western expansion and broken treaties. By the author of Raising the Hunley.

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Arefa Tehsin

You must’ve read about the magic of the wizards. But have you read about the magic of the wild? Become friends with various wild creatures, know about their life-cycles and be a part of their adventurous and deadly journeys through these eight stories. • Will Ayan solve the six riddles and find his dead father’s treasure? What does a scorpion have to do with it? • For Madhu, the only way to take revenge on his class bully is to sacrifice a horned owl. What will be saved –Madhu’s respect or the owl? • The jungle has turned against Scarab, the dung beetle. Will he escape the murderous mob and find the Land of the Setting Sun? • What is the shocking secret that Gloaty, the wild goat, discovers of Pan, the God of the mountain wilds? These and more chilling and thrilling stories

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James A. West

Chains that bind the soul are stronger than iron... In the two centuries since the Upheaval and the fall of the God King, the Faceless One's rule has encompassed the world. He is revered, worshiped, merciless, and he stands unopposed.... Sixteen-year-old Leitos crushes stone by day, and by night shivers in a cramped cell. A slave's life is brutal and short, but absolute obedience ensures the gifts of peace and bread. All that changes when his grandfather rises against their inhuman slavemasters, forcing upon Leitos a freedom that he never sought. Now, hounded by the Faceless One's demon-born Hunters, Leitos struggles to heed his grandfather's last words: "Seek the Brothers of the Crimson Shield." Those words are his only hope to discover the truth of his people's enslavement, his only guide to find a secret order of heroes ... and they are the words of a madman. Heirs of the Fallen reading order: The God King (book one) Crown of the Setting Sun (book two) Shadow and Steel (book three) Wrath of the Fallen (book four, Fall 2013) Other series by James A. West: Songs of the Scorpion Reaper of Sorrows (volume one) Lady of Regret (volume two) Dystopian Thriller Beasts of the Field Look for book two in the Fall/Winter 2013