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Phil Cummings

The king has a son named Arthur. But he is worried for Arthur’s safety, so he hides him with Merlin, his loyal magician. Will Arthur become king after all?

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Hudson Talbott

Except for the dragon-shaped constellation that appeared at his birth, there was nothing that suggested Arthur was destined for greatness. Narration by Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

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Carl Memling,RH Disney

The classic Disney story of how a poor, lowly page ends up as the King of England--with a little help from Merlin the wizard--will delight boys and girls ages 2 to 5. Based on the classic Walt Disney animated movie, this Little Golden Book retelling of The Sword in the Stone was first published in 1963.

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Jeannette Sanderson

Queen Eleanor has put her trust in Robin Hood's superior archery skills. Will he prove victorious over the king's archers? A defiant William Tell risks his son's life for the freedom of the Swiss people. What will happen? Young Arthur finds out about his true, royal parentage from Merlin the magician. Will Arthur be able to take his rightful place in the British kingdom? Read these legends to find out.

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Dave Whitaker,Gen Goering,Joyce Jackson

Picture a mouse on the back of a falcon soaring over a castle. Imagine that mouse practicing jousting using a squirrel as his horse or storming through the corridors of Camelot with a cat and dozens of knights chasing him. Glimpse into Merlin's cottage as the mouse rummages through the wizard's spell books to learn a magic potion. If it weren't for that mouse King Arthur would never have pulled the sword from the stone. Otter and Arthur and the Sword in the Stone follows the adventures of a mouse nicknamed Otter who befriends a boy named Arthur and helps him become literature's most celebrated king. Dave Whitaker's story is aimed at elementary school-age readers, combining classic children's literature like Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle with the legend of King Arthur.

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Baby Professor

While the Arthurian folk tales are mostly stories of friendships, this one is focused on the strength and spirit of King Arthur especially when he pulled the sword from the stone. Perfect as a bedtime story, this book will surely be loved by parents and children. What lessons did your child take away from the story of Arthur? Find out soon!

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Ronald Ritter,Sussan Evermore

The Real sword in the stone at Montesiepi The knight is not King Arthur and the sword is not Excalibur but the sword of a real medieval knight, One of the most interesting stories to come out of the legend of Sir Galgano Guidotti is the story of 'Merlini' the sorcerer. This name is recorded as a resident of the town of Chiusdoni, the birth place of Galgano. He lived at the same time as Galgano in the same town, now read about 'Merlini' the magician as Sussan talks to Osiris about Merlin's with Galgano. Now read as Sir Galgano Guidotti speaks through Sussan a well known psychic and channeler. We also listen to 'Osiris' a non-physical entity as he speaks about 'Merlini' (Merlin the magician) the knights friend and mentor.