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J.J. Murray

From the acclaimed author of Something Real and Original Love comes a tender, witty, and sexy tale of two very different souls whose prayers are answered in surprising ways . . . When recently widowed Joe Murphy "meets" Shawna Mitchell in an online forum, all he's seeking is advice on keeping his home and his family together. Shawna's compassionate e-mails become his lifeline, and as months pass their correspondence grows deep and warm. Discovering that Shawna lives only blocks away . . . well, it feels like more than luck. It feels a lot like hope. With three children to raise, Shawna has no interest in getting close to another man, let alone one who's got three kids of his own. And the fact that Joe's white can only complicate matters more. But now, as they navigate family dates and vacations and their own doubts and fears, Joe and Shawna find themselves moving toward a future that's bright, new, and totally unexpected. Because the only thing more difficult than uniting two stubborn families would be walking away from something that feels so right . . .

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Bill Bonner

“Hormegeddon” is the term coined by entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author Bill Bonner to describe what happens when you get too much of a good thing in the sphere of public policy, economics and business. Simply put, it ends in disaster. Drawing on stories and examples from throughout modern political history—from Napoleon's invasion of Russia to the impending collapse of the American healthcare system, from the outbreak of WWII and the fall of the Third Reich to the 21st century War on Terror, from the Great Recession to the sovereign debt crisis—Bonner pursues a modest ambition: to understand what goes wrong. History is not a clean yarn spun by its victors. It is a long tale of things that went FUBAR—debacles, disasters, and catastrophes. That each disaster carries with it a warning is what makes it useful to study. For instance, if the architect of a great ship tells you that ‘not even God himself could sink this ship,' you should take the next boat. If the stock market is selling at 20 times earnings and all the expert analysts urge you to ‘get in’ because you ‘can’t lose’—it’s time to get out! Similarly, public policy disasters are what you get when well meaning people with this same Titanic degree of certitude apply rational, small-scale problem-solving logic to inappropriately large scale planning. First, you get a declining rate of return on your investment (of time or resources) until you hit zero. Then, if you keep going through the zero floor—and you always keep going—you get a disaster. The problem is, these disasters cannot be stopped by well-informed smart people with good intentions, because they are the people who cause them in the first place. From the mind of Bill Bonner comes Hormegeddon, a phenomenon that occurs when a small dose of something produces a favorable result, but if you increase the dosage, the results end in disaster. The same applies when the world gets too much of a good thing in public policy, economics, and business. Drawing on examples throughout modern political history, Bonner brings context and understanding to this largely ignored and anonymous phenomenon.

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Lee Goldman

Dean of Columbia University's medical school explains why our bodies are out of sync with today's environment and how we can correct this to save our health.Over the past 200 years, human life-expectancy has approximately doubled. Yet we face soaring worldwide rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental illness, heart disease, and stroke. In his fascinating new book, Dr. Lee Goldman presents a radical explanation: The key protective traits that once ensured our species' survival are now the leading global causes of illness and death. Our capacity to store food, for example, lures us into overeating, and a clotting system designed to protect us from bleeding to death now directly contributes to heart attacks and strokes. A deeply compelling narrative that puts a new spin on evolutionary biology, TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING also provides a roadmap for getting back in sync with the modern world.

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Dr James A. Roberts

With his current effort, Dr. Roberts asks readers if they may be getting “Too Much of a Good Thing” regarding their smartphone use. This is no hoity-toity treatise but a fun and humorous look at our attachment (addiction?) to our smart phones. In chapter two you can respond to 12 short statements and see for yourself. Are you addicted to your smart phone? And, if you are, “What’s the big deal?” In chapter three, experts tell us whether we can actually be addicted to our smart phones. The act of phubbing (phone snubbing) and its impact on your relationships is broached in chapters 4-6. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Chapter seven offers a crash course on smart phone etiquette while chapter eight shares some interesting (and often sobering) facts about driving while distracted. Chapter nine debunks the four myths about multitasking and how our phones may undermine our productivity at school and work. Finally, he offers some easy solutions to all this telephony. Smart Phone Smack Down is all about carving out some time away from your smart phone so you can explore all the wonders available off-line if you just take a few minutes to power down. This is a life changing book and a journey that Dr. Roberts looks forward to sharing with you. So, put your smart phone on “airplane mode” and let’s get started. Bonus chapter! Already a classic, the 2017 updated edition of “Smartphone Love affair” contains a new chapter on our Commander-in-Chief’s Twitter habits. Is president Donald J. Trump addicted to Twitter? Are you addicted to Twitter? Read this exciting “Bonus Chapter” to find out.

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Kimberla Lawson Roby

In the sequel to the enormously successful Casting the First Stone, Kimberla Lawson Roby brings back a character readers love to hate. Curtis Black might be a man of the cloth, but with his irresistible looks, seductive charm, and charismatic personality, he's particularly beloved by his female parishioners––and almost every other woman he's ever met. The trouble is, Curtis is married. At first he tries to resist temptation, but not for long. His insatiable appetite for women quickly gets the best of him. Eventually, the women in Curtis's life find that with a little careful planning––sneaky and otherwise––they can help Curtis reap the punishment that he so richly deserves. In this captivating and dramatic sequel to Casting the First Stone, Kimberla Lawson Roby, with her trademark with and insight, sets sparks flying.

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Dan Kindlon

While many adolescents today have all the useful accessories of a prosperous society-cell phones, credit cards, computers, cars-they have few of the responsibilities that build character. Under intense pressure to be perfect and achieve, they devote little time to an inner life, and a culture that worships instant success makes it hard for them to engage in the slow, careful building of the skills that enhance self-esteem and self-sufciency. In this powerful and provocative book, Dr. Kindlon delineates how indulged toddlers become indulged teenagers who are at risk for becoming prone to, among other things, excessive self-absorption, depression and anxiety, and lack of self-control. Too Much of a Good Thing maps out the ways in which parents can reach out to their children, teach them engagement in meaningful activity, and promote emotional maturity and a sense of self-worth. Dan Kindlon, Ph.D. is a professor of child psychology at Harvard University. He is a frequent contributor to Child magazine and is the co-author of Raising Cain, a New York Times best-seller. He lives in Boston with his wife and two children.

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Kimberla Lawson Roby

A riveting tale about a philandering preacher that readers will love to hate.Curtis Black might be a man of the cloth, but with his good looks, seductive charm, and charismatic personality, he's loved by his female parishioners -- and almost every other woman he's ever met.The trouble is, Curtis is married. Overwhelmed by his sizzling love affairs and busy trying to convince the deacon board of the need for an ATM machine in the back of the church, Curtis has his hands full. Meanwhile Mariah, his second wife, is discovering that beneath the loving façade of their marriage, a storm of lies and betrayal is about to burst.Eventually, the women in Curtis's life find that with a little careful planning -- sneaky and otherwise -- they can help Curtis reap the punishment that he so richly deserves. In this captivating and dramatic sequel to Casting the First Stone, Kimberla Lawson Roby sets sparks flying with her trademark wit and insight.

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Chris Rumble

After a fun day at the park, Petey tells Paw Paw that he loves pickles so much he could eat a bajillion gazillion. Paw Paw smiles and uses a saying Petey has never heard before: "Hold on there! You know what they say, 'too much of a good thing!'" Curious, Petey begins to question Paw Paw: "Can you have too much money? Too much candy? Flamingos? Too much alligators in the tub?" Their bizarre brainstorming leads to loads of laughs and one great big beautiful discovery of the ONE THING you can't have TOO MUCH of! This 36-page picture/comic book was inspired by the drawings of student William Fitch and features seven different "Seek and Find" activities.

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Mira Wasserman

After learning about Shabbat from his friend, Rabbi Judah, a Roman king decrees a bigger, better Shabbat in his kingdom, and the rabbi must come to teach him what truly makes Shabbat sweet.

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Dan Kindlon

More and more children are growing up without a clear sense of financial or emotional limits. The number of households with incomes between $100,000 and $200,000 more than doubled in the last ten years. The Washington Post recently reported findings from U.S. Bancorp that even lower-income families are buying and spending more than ever on their children. But whether the cause is over-indulgence due to a new affluence or over-compensation for a lack of time spent with themespecially when both parents are workingmany parents have created a world where their childrens every need and desire is instantly fulfilled. But, as Dr. Kindlon points out, the one thing money cant buy for children is character. Dr. Kindlon shows that many of todays parents are spoiling their children, for many different reasons. Identifying Seven Sins of Indulgence: Disrespectfulness, Goal-lessness, Narcissism, Naivet, Amorality, Inability to Tolerate Boredom, and Underachievement, Dr. Kindlon guides parents toward helping their childrenand themselvesunderstand the consequences of giving too much and expecting too little. Of vital interest, both to families and to all concerned about future consequences to a generation of children surrounded by a sea of new choices and a lack of responsibilities, Too Much of a Good Thing delivers important advice and guidelines that no parent should be without.

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Joss Wood

Be careful what you wish for! It's time for Lu Sheppard to get back in the game—fact. After ten years of playing mom to her younger brothers the boys have left home and she's determined to make up for lost time! Item number one on her list? A man to have some fun with! Rugby coach Will Scott is just what Lu needs to ease herself back into the dating game. Only in town temporarily, king of the fling…he's perfect. But his kisses are so electric that remembering they have an expiry date is getting harder. Suddenly Lu starts wondering…maybe it is possible to have too much of a good thing!