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Aaron Jones

America home of the free and land of the brave but is this still true? In the very near future Adam an advocate for human rights finds himself jailed for following the first amendment. Adam finds himself on death row staring at the world through his prison cell because he refuses to stop teaching Christianity. Adam is heralded as a leader and labeled public enemy number one. Armed with a pen and a paper Adam begins to wage war against his intolerant oppressors which places all that support him in immediate danger. Beautiful Ugly: The Cry, The Call, The Coming is a book about freedom and the right to exercise that freedom. Adam is willing to die for his freedom are you willing to live for yours?

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James Burr

A collection of strange, contemporary tales of chilling insight and black wit. Containing two stories that received Honourable Mentions in "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2004," "Ugly Stories For Beautiful People" is an inter-linked collection of previously published and critically acclaimed short fiction. In the vein of Will Self, J.G. Ballard and Philip.K. Dick, these stories will at turns amuse, horrify and intrigue.

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Carmen Jackson

Ugly Thorns on Beautiful Flowers: The Truth About a Christian's Life is partly autobiographical in the sense that Carmen Prince Jackson shares her stories and experiences in order to help others attain understanding and peace. In this book, Prince-Jackson gives details about being in sticky situations and not really knowing how she was going to get out of them or be able to live on after having gone through them. Oftentimes, we as human beings find it difficult to be honest with ourselves, let alone, others but Carmen Prince-Jackson has taken a giant leap of faith in writing this book and she holds no punches when it comes to talking about the serious issues that we face in life. Some of the issues tackled are lust, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety and much more. I'm sure you will enjoy reading Ugly Thorns on Beautiful Flowers and you will be able to see yourself and almost everyone you know when reading this book.

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Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Gabe has always identified as a boy, but he was born with a girl’s body. With his new public access radio show gaining popularity, Gabe struggles with romance, friendships, and parents. His entire future is threatened when several violent guys find out that Gabe the DJ is also Elizabeth from school.

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James Snyder

The moment she felt her consciousness seeping back inside her, she knew where she was. She didn't have to look. Or listen. No one had to come whisper in her ear. She could smell it that far out, returning... When sixteen-year-old Connelly Pierce wakes up inside an unknown psychiatric hospital, with both her wrists slashed, she begins the arduous task of piecing together the events of her life that led her there. Her own cognitive behavioral therapy (as she had learned so well from them). Starting with the sudden death of her mother and father when she was six, and the only world she knew disappeared, literally, overnight. That's when, with no known or, at least, close relatives, she and her nine-year-old brother Eric find themselves cast into the nightmare quagmire of government child protection agencies, and Connelly begins her incredible, fourteen-year journey--her odyssey--into her own brave new world. A world, she realizes, she must not only quickly adapt, but fight back as well, if she hopes to survive. Book One of the BEAUTIFUL-UGLY TRILOGY.

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Sarah Nuttall

A lavishly illustrated collection that explores ideas of beauty in Africa and its diasporas, asking by and for whom concepts of beauty and aesthetics have developed.

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Stephanie Bacon

In the year 1859, a young, ambitious alchemist locked himself away in his London manor to conduct a series of strange experiments. His goal: to create the world's first, living homunculus. On a dark winter night, a creature was birthed. Twenty-six years later, a young woman named Lilith Dantes is sent to live with her uncle in London. Lilith brings with her a haunted past and a growing sickness in her brain. As Lilith settles into her new life, she learns the tale of a mysterious beast who stalks the area, leaving brutal deaths in its wake. One day while out walking, she comes across a young man who can change his face. He introduces himself as Joshua. He is violent and forgetful. He says he wants to tear her apart. Three years prior to being sent to live with her uncle, Lilith suffered a horrible tragedy. She was kidnapped and held against her will by an unknown assailant. She, along with several other girls, were tortured and made to suffer unspeakable humiliations. Somehow, Lilith managed to escape. Neither her captor nor the other girls were ever found. The stress of the incident caused her to become ill. As her body grew weaker, a desire for revenge was ignited. Faced with impossible obstacles, murder, gore, and devious family secrets, can she rise to meet the oncoming storm?

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James Snyder, Jr

Her parents are dead. Her only sibling, her brother Eric, has been taken from her. And after her first experience with a foster family goes horribly wrong, nine-year-old Connelly Pierce doesn't know who, if anyone, she can trust. Her caseworker, a ditzy ex-actress named Lillian, tries her best to help. But an ever-wiser Connelly sees that Lillian can barely take care of herself, let alone help her with her ever-worsening situation. Then, a chance encounter with her brother at a San Francisco emergency room changes everything. Eric tells her that his own foster parents have divorced, kicking him back into "the system" just like her. When she later learns that Eric has disappeared, running away to New York City, now fourteen-year-old Connelly knows what she has to do. She's going to run away as well. She's going to New York to find Eric. And then, together, the both of them will have the family that the system could never provide. But what she doesn't know, but begins to understand the deeper she descends into her darkening journey, is that quests of this magnitude, often come with consequences to match. Book Two of the BEAUTIFUL-UGLY TRILOGY

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Randy Delp

Andrew and his little sister, Lily, live with their parents in Texas. Since their grandparents reside nearby, they are always happy to visit them and learn new things about the world especially from wise Pappa Rayson. The siblings usually get along, but one day, they start arguing. Pappa Rayson decides it's time to teach his grandchildren the lesson of the ugly bug. He explains that the ugly bug of selfishness is invisible, but when he bites, he makes brothers and sisters fight. But that nasty bug also does something else: he makes them look ugly. Horrified by the thought of being ugly, Andrew and Lily ask their grandfather what they can do to get rid of the ugly bug. The only way to do this, Pappa says, is to make a beautiful butterfly. That means Andrew and Lily will have to find forgiveness in their hearts toward each other. It's not easy to do, but the children are determined to rid themselves of the ugly bug once and for all! Through helpful imagery, The Ugly Bug and the Beautiful Butterfly artfully teaches children how the unseen spiritual world co-exists with the physical world.

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James Snyder

After being orphaned at age six, sixteen-year-old Connelly Pierce--who has spent a decade, being passed from family to family, or as often no family at all, but always fighting for her very existence, her right to survive--has given up. Even worse, the system that has controlled her life for all those years is about to give up on her. But just before she is sent into long-term care at a California state mental hospital, a little miracle happens. An intern at the clinic who has taken an interest in her finds an unopened letter at the bottom of Connelly's raggedy old knapsack. The letter is from a distant cousin of Connelly's named Elizabeth Walker, or Liz, who has recently lost her husband Jack, left behind a 57,000 acre ranch in Texas, and has since been looking for Connelly. The intern realizes this is the girl's last chance. If Cousin Liz won't help her, or if Connelly won't accept that help, her life, in any normal sense, may be over. But what the intern doesn't realize, is that calling that phone number he finds at the bottom of the letter is about to change two women's lives, forever, in ways neither of them could ever have imagined. Book Three of the BEAUTIFUL-UGLY TRILOGY

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Adam Prince

Men attempt to negotiate between their baroque imaginations and the realities of their actual lives in a dark, comic, nuanced, sexed-up collection of stories that might be offensive if it didn’t feel so true.

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Amanda Mander &

Two friends, an artist and a writer, embark on a collaboration to look twice at what we instinctually see as beautiful or ugly. A homeless woman's plight may be ugly but her pride in her makeshift home is beautiful. A beloved relationship with a horse is beautiful but the pain of her death is ugly. Through these poems and images, these artists hope their readers will in turn look twice at their own surroundings to find the beautiful in the ugly and the ugly in the beautiful.

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Karras Jordan

This book is about letting go of your pain and the mistakes we all make throughout this journey we call life. Thankful for the good, the bad, the ugly, the happy and the sad because they all contribute to MY BEAUTIFUL UGLY LIFE. My name is Karras Jordan, I'm from Jersey City, New Jersey, and this is MY BEAUTIFUL UGLY LIFE.

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Dennis Sun

If you had to choose, who would it be? A beautiful man with terrible eating habits, or an ugly man with perfect eating etiquette? Would you prefer a man with a hairy chest, or a man with a hairy back? A man who wants to live a quiet life, or a man who wants to live a life of fame and fortune? There are no exceptions, no ifs, ands, ors, or buts. It's either one or the other. Take your time and think about it for a bit, the answer may not be as easy as it seems. Beautiful Man, Ugly Man can be a fun way to get to know new acquaintances; it can be an amusing game after dinner, for a girl's night out, or even a road-trip. Dig a little deeper into the questions and you may learn a few new things about yourself. If you had to choose, who would it be?

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Halle McQueen

This is a true account of one woman’s experiences in the jungle of Peru. She began as a tourist in 2006 returning for eight years to study the plant medicine of the Amazon jungle and build a small business. Her contact with shamans introduced her to the power of Ayahuasca but her naivety exposed her to experiences both illuminating and dangerous while living in the Amazon jungle with only a dog.