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Jennifer Jimenez

Relieve stress and feel well with My Wellness Wake UP CallTM - Good Morning MessagesTM--mind-body meditations with health coach Jennifer Jimenez. Volume 2: Healing Body Dance; Health Wellness Sounds; Chakra Balancing Circles; Gratitude Exercise Cradling; Celtic Weave; Pain Anger Release; Mind Detox; Healthy Sex; Hoky Poky; Heaven and Earth; Self-Massage; Healing Meditation; Cross Crawl Exercise; Dancing for Joy. How do you start and end your day? Research shows your mind is most receptive during your first and last five minutes of the day, while in alpha state. Making the most of these most important minutes of your day changes everything in between. Ironically most people wake up with the buzzer and watch the news before bed. Now you can wake up happy and sleep well every night! Broadway star Robin (Boudreau) Palmer invented My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® messages & My Good Night Messages'TM patented, five-minute messages with renowned experts, which bookend every day with inspiration to live your dreams when it matters most. Featured in/on Shape, Self, USA Today, Fox, and NBC-TV and in Robin's TEDx Talk, "The Most Important Minutes of Your Day". Messages can also be played as Motivational Alarm Clock® messages and My Good Night CallsTM bedtime reminders with most free alarm apps at the Apple Store or Google Play or with a list of recommended devices. My Wake UP Call®, My Wake UP Calls®, and Motivational Alarm Clock® are three of eight registered trademarks of My SuccessablesTM Inc. ©2014 My SuccessablesTM Inc. All messages and message formats are copy written. All rights reserved.

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Lisa McMann

Janie Hannaghan peut visiter les rêves des gens. Ce pouvoir, qu'elle a longtemps pris pour une malédiction, intéresse beucoup la police, qu'elle a déjà aidée sur une affaire de drogue.Avec Caleb, son petit ami, elle doit cette fois démasquer un professeur soupçonné d'abuser de ses élèves.Accaparés par leur mission, Caleb et Janie ont peu de temps pour se voir – d'autant plus qu'ils doivent garder leur relation secrète pour ne pas compromettre l'enquête.Et si Janie maîtrise de mieux en mieux son don, elle va découvrir que s'insinuer dans les rêves des autres peut avoir des conséquences terribles. Des conséquences irréversibles...Acceptera-t-elle de mener sa mission jusqu'au bout, au risque de se mettre en danger et de perdre le garçon qu'elle aime ?

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Robert F Hays

Second book of The Time Stone Trilogy Knowledge of history is a powerful instrument. Jim, an ordinary man of our time, is unexpectedly transported 2000 years into the future. He and his two sons with a rental truck packed with the contents of his house cause a major sensation with the population of that future time. Due to his knowledge of “Ancient Times” and the people of the 21st century there is a hazardous mission only he can handle. An automated colony spaceship from Earth with humans in cryogenics has orbited a remote planet for centuries unable to wake its passengers. Action adventure cliffhanger with a detailed exploration of a future society. Adult Language and Situations.

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Gary and Joy Lundberg

Wives who want their marriage to be brimming with fulfillment and fun will find this book fascinating and helpful. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married—a few months or a few decades—this book will enrich your marriage. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s bold and to the point. With this book, bestselling authors, Gary and Joy Lundberg, have given yet another offering to make marriages better than ever. Even if you already have a happy marriage, read this and find out how to put an even bigger smile on your hubby’s face.

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Lisa Scott

“Wake Me With A Kiss” 11,000 wordsA modern take on Sleeping Beauty. Frightened by a prediction that their daughter Aurora would die in a car crash, her family moved from the country to the city so she could stay out of cars and use public transportation. At age ten she left behind a beloved dog, and her best friend, Jordan. Years later, when the move fails to keep her safe, Aurora ends up in a coma. Jordan is now a doctor working in her hospital, and he’ll do whatever he can to save her. Is it too late for these childhood sweethearts to reunite?This is the 8th volume in the Flirts! collection. Check out Flirts!, Beach Flirts!, Holiday Flirts!, Fairy Tale Flirts!, Wedding Flirts!, More Flirts!, and Reunion Flirts! Look for Office Flirts! in fall 2013. You might also enjoy Lisa’s novella, Spouse Hunting, and her Willowdale Romance novels featuring No Foolin’, a Holt Medallion award of merit winner and Man of the Month.

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Gary F. Vanucci

Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content, strong language, and violence. It is intended for mature audiences. As the dead once again rise, Alex and company seek to make the best of the zombie incursion that has now advanced inside the Renaissance Faire-grounds. But, when the execution of their plan to cleanse those grounds meets with complications, will they be able to adjust, or will the undead that now surround the castle walls spell a slow and painful death of starvation for those within?

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Gary F. Vanucci

From Book 1: Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content, strong language, and violence. It is intended for mature audiences. When Alex's idyllic life becomes hell on earth in the face of a zombie apocalypse, his survival skills keep him one step ahead of danger. With the companionship of a lone wolf, Alex begins to accept this cruel existence, struggling at times to keep a moral compass, and setting out on a new quest of hope where he not only wants to survive, but also seeks to thrive in a world besieged by the living dead.

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Leta Blake

Will und Patrick haben sich zu einer "Freundschaft plus Sex" entschieden und das genießen sie in vollen Zügen. Doch sie beide können die tieferen Gefühle nicht leugnen, die zwischen ihnen entstehen.Wären da nicht die gefakte Hochzeit, der gefährliche Mafia-Schwiegervater und am Ende die Möglichkeit einer Scheidung. Doch ist das ein Ausweg?Episoden 4-6 der Reihe "Will & Patrick: Wake up Married"Das Taschenbuch hat 484 Seiten.

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Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs or access codes. 100% money back guarantee.

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Leta Blake

Continue the fun in Episodes 4 - 6 of the romantic comedy serial by best-selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths! Episode Four: Will & Patrick Fight Their Feelings Will and Patrick have embraced adding hot sexy-times to their fake marriage, but as their emotions deepen, they confront whether or not they want to be more than friends-with-benefits. The heat is high (and occasionally kinky) as Will and Patrick struggle to accept their mutual affection. Episode Five: Will & Patrick Meet the Mob Patrick has finally accepted that he's in love with Will, but his newfound determination to do something about that runs up against his father-in-law's mobster plans. Will must face the truth about his family before he can fully come to terms with his feelings for Patrick. And Patrick has to decide if this whackadoodle world is something he truly wants to be part of forever. Episode Six: Will & Patrick's Happy Ending Sure, Will and Patrick are in love now, but they weren’t when they got married in Vegas. For Patrick, that’s no problem, but Will can’t shake his doubts that a relationship started through coercion can ever become the real deal. Since the Molinaro crime family has reversed their position on divorce, Will and Patrick have a chance to rectify their drunken mistake. But is divorce the right choice for them? Word count: 119,400

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Leta Blake

Follow Will & Patrick as they cope with the fallout from their Vegas wedding in this second installment of the romantic-comedy serial, Wake Up Married, by best-selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths!Meeting the family is challenging for every new couple. But for Will and Patrick, the awkward family moments only grow more hilarious—and painful—when they must hide the truth of their predicament from the people they care about most.Throw in the sexual tension flaring between them, uncomfortable run ins with Will’s all-too-recent ex-boyfriend, an overprotective mobster father, and a mafia spy tailing them around Healing, South Dakota, and you’ve got a recipe for madcap laughs and surprisingly heartwarming feels. Episode 2 of 6 in the Wake Up Married serial.

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Ronald Dalton Jr

"From beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia My worshippers, My dispersed ones, Will bring My offerings." - Zephaniah 3:10 Modern Jewry has been looking for the "10 Lost Tribes of Israel" in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Arabia, and India but they never seem to look in Africa. The Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba Jews have been recognized by modern Jewry as having a connection to Ancient Israel but other African countries are often overlooked. Why is this? Jews today now boast to have "Israelite" heritage based on the "Cohen Model Haplogroup" genetic marker that they say links them to the High Priest Cohenite clan of Aaron, the brother of Moses. But what exactly is this "Cohen Model Haplogroup"? Who else in the world has it and is it really an "Israelite Genetic Marker" as they claim? In the Book, "Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 2, I dive in deep into the "world of genetics" to debunk the lies that has been spread about who we call "Jews" or the "Chosen People" today. Using Linguistics, Ancient written records from Arab historians, Craniometry, Tooth records, Ancient maps, Ancient archaeological relics, Ancient pictures, the Bible, Genetics and "Critical Thinking" one can find out the TRUTH about who the REAL ISRAELITES of the Bible are. It will tell us where we should be looking in regards to finding the "authentic" scattered "Children of Israel," not "outsiders" who have invaded Judea for the last 2,000 years and decided to convert to Judaism. In this Book many clues to our "many" questions about the Bible will be answered and explored. Such as: -Who are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Cushites and Phuttites today? -Who are the "Original Arabs" and where are they at today? -What is the connection between the Lemba Jews, African-Americans, Caribbean Blacks, Afro-Latinos and "Bantus" West/East Africans? -Who are the indigenous Native Amerindians? Are they descendants of Ham, Shem or Japheth? -Are the Native Amerindians Israelites? -Do Latinos have any "Israelite" heritage? -Where did the 10 Lost Tribes of Northern Israel (Samaria) go after they were exiled in 700 B.C. and is there any DNA proof of this? -Who were the Jews that were exiled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 A.D.? Were they "Black Jews" or "White Jews"? Who are the Sephardic Jews and are they "imposters" as well? -Who were the Moors? Were they mixed with "Israelite Blood"? -Can we trace the migration pattern of the Edomites? If so, where are the Edomites today and what nations of people can we find the "bloodline" of Edom in? -How do we know that the Ashkenazi Jew, the Sephardic Jew and the Mizrahi Jew today are "Gentiles" and not "Jews"? -Are there any Israelites in Asia or the Middle East? A LIE CANNOT LIVE FOREVER! It is time for "Black America" and the World to know the Truth!

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Ronald Dalton Jr.

THE GREATEST IDENTIY THEFT OF ALL MAKIND HAS HAPPENED WITHOUT THE WORLD EVEN KNOWING IT. We all know who the "Jews" today in the world are. They came to Israel in 1948 from Europe almost 2,000 years after the destruction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. But who are they? The Bible says the "Children of Israel" would endure Curses "forever" for not keeping his commandments. This is in the Torah (First 5 books of the Old Testament). The New Testament talks about a "Physical Israel" and a "Spiritual Israel". What's the difference? We know the Chaldeans claim heritage from the Ancient Chaldeans in the Land of Ur that Abraham lived amongst. We know the Greeks claim heritage from the Grecians of old like "Alexander the Great." We know Arabs today claim heritage from Abraham's son Ishmael. What has baffled mankind is the whereabouts of the Biblical "Hebrew Israelites" aka the "Children of Israel?" In our Bible God laid out clues as to who they were THEN and TODAY but for centuries we have ignored the "clues". Satan has cleverly used mankind to sweep under the rug the "True Identity" of the Biblical Hebrew Israelites so that we cannot discover where their descendants are at. In Israel and all throughout the world, it is a known fact that Modern Jewry only claims to be from the Tribe of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. No one talks about why these Tribes are supposedly "FOUND" while the other Tribes are mysteriously "LOST". Well, in "Hebrews to Negroes 2: Wake Up Black America, Volume 1" the answer to this question is finally going to be revealed. The Bible makes certain things clear that cannot be refuted: • The Curses of Israel were "DIVINE PUNISHMENTS" for the Children of Israel for disobeying God's commandments ALL throughout their history in the bible even until the last book of the Old Testament, "Malachi" (Deuteronomy 28:16-68). • These "Curses" were going to be ONLY FOR THE ISRAELITES and THEIR CHILDREN FOREVER (Deuteronomy 28:46). • The "Children of Israel" DID in fact DISOBEY God's Commandments and ACKNOWLEDGED that they had RECEIVED the Curses (Daniel 9:9-14). • God promised to one day REGATHER THE DESCENDANTS OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL to their land to enjoy PEACE, REST, QUIET, and NO FEAR (Jeremiah 30:10-12, Ezekiel 11:16-17, Isaiah 11:11-12, Isaiah 43:5-7). This has not been the case in Israel since the State of Israel was born in 1948. • After the "Fall of the Second Temple" in Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the remaining Israelites would be scattered by way of CAPTIVITY into ALL NATIONS, and the GENTILES would possess Jerusalem (Israel) until the second coming of Christ (Luke 21:24-28). It is time for the "Black America" and the World to know the Truth!

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Ronald Dalton Jr

As years pass by, the “Antichrist Beast System” is slowly “emerging” upon us and around us.  But are the true followers of Christ seeing the signs?  Sadly, the answer is no. The Bible clearly explains the signs that are to appear on Earth before the Second Coming of the Messiah (Yahusha HaMashiach).  In the Book of Matthew, the first thing Christ said to his disciples when they asked for the “sign” of his second coming and the “end of the world” was……”LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU”.    In today’s world, technology, music, TV programming, religious false doctrines, sexual perversions and convenience seem to be keeping the “Masses” in a state of slumber.   This is what Satan wants.  For people to be like “Sheeple”, easy to capture, easy to “fatten up” and when the time is right, easy to be led to the slaughter.   But there is a remnant of the “True Followers” of the Messiah that are waking up.  These are the people who seek to endure to the end, worshipping God in “Spirit” and “Truth”.   But in order for this to happen we have to have “ears to hear” and “eyes that see”.  We have to be aware of what is going on all around us.  We can no longer be tied into loving “The Matrix” of technological convenience or the sinful ways of “Babylon”.   We MUST wake up.  Hope is not lost.  In the Book, “Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 3”, the following questions are finally answered: • Who are the “living” descendants of “Gog and Magog”? • Where are the “living” descendants of the Sons of Shem (Arphaxad, Aram, Asshur, Elam, Lud)? • What is going to be the “Mystery Mark of the Beast”? • Who are the “living” descendants of the Biblical Canaanites? • Is there any DNA proof straight from the caves in Israel that connects African-Americans and other ethnicities to the Biblical Hebrew Israelites?  Can we prove with DNA that the European Jews are NOT the blood descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel? • Who is the “Fourth Beast” in the Book of Daniel and what group of people/nations does it consist of today? • Where is “Edom” and will “Edom” be the end of this world? • Did the Sons of Cain like the Nephilim Giants survive the flood?  If so, what people did the children of Cain mix with?  Will they also be responsible for the end of this world? • Is Islam, Modern Talmudic Judaism, and Roman Catholic Church Christianity the future foundation of the Antichrist “One World Religion”? • Who are the “living” descendants of the Scythians and the Barbarians that the Apostle Paul mentions in the New Testament? • What did Paul mean by the statement “Neither Jew nor Greek”? • Is there any evidence of the “Messianic Prophecy” of Christ in Africa before European colonization?  • Is the “Great Flood” story present in other civilizations outside of Mesopotamia? BOOK 4 of the “Hebrews to Negroes Collection” will blow your mind.  It is time for the TRUTH to be heard.  It is also time for the Christian Church to start teaching historically sound Biblical TRUTH, not “propaganda” or “lies”.   This “TRUTH” gives a whole new “vantage point” into End Times “Biblical Prophecy” and WHO will be the target of “persecution” in the Last Days.