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Thomas W. Balderston

"Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman" is the account of author Thomas Balderston's struggle with faith and his attempt to alert readers to the world and the opportunities the Triune God has made possible. The author's GPS, containing many strategic dots-that, when connected, opened his eyes to the truth-was the Word. The resurrection was the highest peak on the many mountains he crossed. "The Testimony of a Layman" is the honest chronicle of how one man's heart and mind were opened. Take a ride with the author; the scenery may be enough to remind readers that even with pain, there is beauty and love inside and outside their windows.

download ebook wake up! wake up! pdf epub

Nancy Davis

When a little ladybug awakens from its long sleep and discovers that it is spring, it goes about waking all the other sleeping animals.

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Dr. Arun Kumar Suri

The book presents a bird’s eye view of the glorious heritage of India. Since time immemorial, India has proclaimed that man needs both scientific and spiritual knowledge to enjoy material prosperity and happiness. Unfortunately, this advice has been forgotten by the people of this country. They have been under foreign rule for centuries, and blindly followed their lifestyle and approach to education. This has led to the current scenario where this great country is on the verge of complete destruction. The time has come for all of us to unite and learn ancient Indian wisdom which is necessary to create a healthy, prosperous and peaceful society. And consequently, restore India’s glory and make it the moral and spiritual leader of the world. The book points to the scientific basis of this wisdom. It is sincerely hoped that it will help awaken the collective conscience of Indian people.

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Lucille Weaver

A personal reflection of the twelve minor prophets. A unique text and chronology of the books Jonah, Micah, Nahum and Malachi. A contemporary interpretation of Gods prophets.

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Michael Hall

This book is in honor of a group of university students who lived in Munich during WWII. They wrote pamphlets and papers denouncing Nazism and the continuation of the war and the premise that all citizens should rise up for their rights and freedoms against this nightmare. They were caught,tried, and then hung for their beliefs but their courage, fortitude,and dedication lives on in all those who struggle against tyranny,despotism and militaristic violence. This book consists of poetry that tries to wake up that passion and courage here in America where we now find ourselves on the brink of watching a democracy turn into a fascist police state. Our founding Fathers were rebels,radicals and dissenters who knew that to change wrong you must wake up, rise up, and fight to instill change. Let us honor those who rose up before us and fight for what we know is right.

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Cheryl Kirk-Duggan,Marlon F. Hall

First an expression of black urban youth, Hip Hop music continues to expand as a cultural expression of youth and, now, young adults more generally. As a cultural phenomenon, it has even become integral to the worship experience of a growing number of churches who are reaching out to these groups. This includes not just African American churches but churches of all ethnic groups. Once seen as advocating violence, Hip Hop can be the Church’s agent of salvation and praise to transform society and reach youth and young adults in greater numbers. After looking at Hip Hop’s socio-historical context including its African roots, Wake Up shows how Hip Hop has come to embody the worldview of growing numbers of youth and young adults in today’s church. The authors make the case that Hip Hop represents the angst and hope of many youth and young adults and that by examining the inherent religious themes embedded in the music, the church can help shape the culture of hip-hop by changing its own forms of preaching and worship so that it can more effectively offer a message of repentance and liberation.

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Robert E. Pettit, PhD

There Is a Place You Can Go - That place is a New Earth free from sickness, crime, and war. The Earth is shifting to a higher vibration - from third density to fourth and fifth density. For you to survive on the New Earth you must also change your frequency to match that of the New Earth. Unless you make that change your body frequency will be incompatible with these new frequencies and you will have to leave. You have a choice, prepare to ascend or transfer to another third density planet. Ascension is available for those who choose to move out of duality consciousness into Unity Consciousness. Dr. Pettit explains some of the requirements and preparations needed to ascend from the Old Earth.

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Pierre Hegy

This book presents research in three new areas: Sunday liturgies, homilies, and pastoral concepts. First it presents to the readers the major Latin American document, "Disciples and Missionaries of Jesus-Christ," which sets the course of the Church in Latin America for the next decade. Next I present the findings about the Sunday liturgies in 100 churches, 50 in Guatemala and 50 the U.S. The following chapter analyzes 100 Sunday homilies in comparison to lay talks, homilies by Fr. Robert Barron, and evangelical sermons. In one more chapter I discuss basic concepts for pastoral research. Chapter 6 discusses the consequences of papal centralization for church renewal. The last chapter outlines ten basic paths of renewal. What is new in this book is the research on Sunday liturgies, homilies, and pastoral concepts.

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Joel Osteen,Victoria Osteen

The key to having a positive, happy, faith-filled day is to start each morning setting your mind in the right direction. It's easy to lie in bed thinking: "I don't feel like going to work. I don't want to deal with these children. I didn't exercise yesterday." We don't realize it, but that's setting the tone for a lousy day. If you don't intentionally set the tone for the day, negative thoughts will set it for you. WAKE UP TO HOPE will help you begin each morning grateful, thinking about God's goodness, expecting His favor, and laying the foundation for a blessed, productive day.

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Lori L. Silverman

This book includes real–life examples from over 70 respected organizations, small and large, representing a multitude of industries using stories to drive results. Leaders from organizations such as Microsoft, Lands’ End, Verizon, U.S. Air Force, and World Vision demonstrate the strong positive influence stories can have. No abstract theories or platitudes are conveyed here. The book spells out how Kevin Roberts, CEO worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, achieved sustained sales growth after several mergers and downsizings caused the organization to fall on hard times. It also shows how Erik Shaw, president and CEO of FivePoint Federal Credit Union, overcame resistance to an organizational name change, resulting in membership growth exceeding the national average.

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Jack Kerouac

Never before published in Kerouac's lifetime, this 1955 biography of the founder of Buddhism is a clear and powerful study of Siddartha Gautama's life and works. Wake Up recounts the story of Prince Siddhartha's royal upbringing and his father's wish to protect him from all human suffering, despite a prediction that he would become a great holy man in later life. Departing from his father's palace, Siddhartha adopts a homeless life, struggles with his meditations, and eventually finds Enlightenment. Written at the end of Kerouac's career, when he became increasingly interested in Buddhist teachings, and collected for the first time in one book, this fresh and accessible biography is both an important addition to Kerouac's work and a valuable introduction to the world of Buddhism itself.

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Lora Leigh

When readers of dark romance and unbridled desire want to be satisfied, they turn to #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and her “powerful and highly erotic” (Fresh Fiction) Breed novels. Now a Breed hides in the world of man—until a woman arouses the amused and wildly carnal animal within... Once, he was Judd—Bengal Breed and brother to the notorious fugitive Gideon. After Gideon disappeared, Judd was experimented on until his tortured body knew nothing but agony. Now he is Cullen Maverick, serving as the commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency in the small community of Window Rock, Arizona. Despite his genetics, Cullen is able to pass as human because his Bengal traits are recessed. He lacks the ability to smell the emotions, bonds and fears that other Breeds take for granted. And he remains tormented that he wasn’t able to mate the woman he loved—at the cost of her life. He’s no longer a Breed, merely a man. . . or so he thinks. But his tiger is about to be awakened by the one woman destined to be his—Chelsea Martinez. And their world will never be the same...

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Steve Strickland

As a country, there has been a steady decline from the original Judeo-Christian ethics and moral values on which it was founded. This moral decline is not isolated to those outside the church, but has crept inside the walls of the church and the hearts of Christians across America. In Wake Up America! A Vision of Spiritual Apathy, author Steve Strickland provides America with a wake-up call. In 1999, Steve had a vision-a vision from God that he wants shared with others. This book is extremely powerful in the way Strickland eloquently illustrates these riveting details-which undeniably, will leave you on the edge of your seat. Read to find out how the vision is guaranteed to change your life forever...