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Deepak Narayan,Lisa Lynn

Win the Fight: Stomp Out Melanoma is an all-encompassing book that covers everything from melanoma skin cancer risk factors and diagnosis procedures to living well after treatment. With greater public awareness, early detection of melanoma skin cancer is on the rise while mortality rates are declining. This medical guide emphasizes that all patients should be well-informed decision-makers in their own treatment. It is updated with the latest patient treatment guidelines along with an advanced dictionary of cancer-related terms and critical questions to ask your health-care administrator Melanoma Specialist, Dr. Deepak Narayan, a renowned skin cancer expert and Surgical Oncologist, joined forces with Fitness and Metabolic Expert, spiritual mentor, and award-winning author Lisa Lynn to provide patients and their families with everything they need to know to Stomp Out Melanoma and Win the Fight against this deadly disease. Lynn's perspective as a former melanoma patient offers the unique perspective of both survivor and thriver. This book also offers insight into the emotional issues that directly affect treatment success and provides the healthy steps needed to win this battle, while staying healthy for life physically, mentally, and spiritually. The practical format approaches the disease in phases, making it easier for melanoma patients to comprehend. It starts with a step-by-step process that Dr. Narayan refers to the "you just found out phase." This is the most stressful and intense phase that ranges from the diagnosis to initial treatment. Dr. Narayan's peaceful "keep it simple" approach helps patients and readers through this intense, critical time, with an easy-to-understand plan to help maximize cancer treatment with holistic nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Win the Fight does not stop there, however. After the initial phase is over the "real life, ongoing phase" begins. Life resumes its normal pace but, as most patients will admit, there is nothing normal about life anymore. They would all admit to living life with fears and lingering concerns about a new melanoma popping up, as well as metastasis. Both Dr. Narayan and Lynn address the common questions and fears while emphasizing that prevention is the ultimate cure. Win the Fight is a must-have guide for real people who are afflicted with any disease that affects the quality of life. More importantly, it brings hope to patients, families and caregivers. It offers a road map that leads to both surviving and thriving.

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Herring Lynn

How To Stay On Any Diet! Fight The Fat Monster & Win! which includes 101 Tips And Tricks To Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off is Lynn's 1st e-book. What distinguishes Lynn's book from other diet books and makes it special and different is that she is not pitching any particular diet product or program; her tips n' tricks work no matter what diet you choose to go on. What is the fat monster? The fat monster is that annoying and destructive little voice that relentlessly torments you with the purpose of tricking you into overeating. Lynn pictures him as an ugly, vicious little monster that sits on your shoulder and tempts you by pointing out all the things you could be eating if you weren't on this stupid diet. He whispers horrible, negative things in your ear to get you to feel defeated and give up. That's all this little tyrant does; it’s his job, and he's a master at it. He will say anything to get you to blow your diet. He’s a persistent and annoying little monster! He will try with all his might to get you to believe that what you really want is to eat all that extra food and that having all that extra weight on your body doesn’t really bother you. What you have to understand about him is that he is a deceiver and a liar. Lynn's e-book is a collection of everything she has ever used to fight the fat monster & win! It is about how "NOT" to overeat when the fat monster is telling you that’s all you want to do. The ultimate and lasting key to losing weight and keeping it off isn't a diet it is getting and staying motivated. There are so many diets out there that will work if you stay on them but the real question is, what to do when you get that really bad craving to eat when it's not time to eat? What can the actual diet do for you then? What you need at that moment isn’t a diet, you need a diet coach, a mentor and a motivator, someone who will be the voice of reason. You need encouragement to stick it out, to bite the bullet and wait for the craving to go away. Lynn's e-book provides you with all the tools and skills you need to do battle with the fat monster and win. Buy it now and give it a try! You really have nothing to lose except weight! IMPORTANT NOTE: I have always wanted to share this information with others in hopes of helping them lose weight. When e-books started becoming popular I knew I had finally found the perfect way for me to do it. My highest hope is that it will be a win-win situation, where you get a product that helps you reach your goals while I make a little money for my old age. Here's to you and your success!

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Major Christopher S. Forbes

The urgent requirement for US Army preparedness in conducting urban operations (UO) is very real. As global urbanization continues to increase, the contemporary threat environment makes operations in cities impossible to avoid. The past decade has demonstrated through the American experiences in Mogadishu and Russian experiences in Grozny, less capable forces will attempt to use urban terrain asymmetrically to even the balance of power against technologically superior military forces. While we have always had a serious requirement to conduct urban operations, the very nature of the cold war, which was successful by its deterrence, prevented us from ever having to face the reality of fighting such urban engagements. In the post-cold war era, the U.S. Army is forced to face the realities of fighting in the urban environment. It is not enough to speak of preparing for “future urban operations”; the future is here today and the Army must be prepared to engage in urban operations even as it moves towards the objective force. Being prepared means having solid doctrine, realistic training programs and facilities, and appropriate equipment to ensure success on the urban battlefield when the time comes to fight there.

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Ken Kapreilian

A new revision for 2017. This guide and manual, for the components of the holy war that rages, is a "MUST READ" by anyone who struggles with temptation. That covers a multitude of people. David said it best in Psalm 23. "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." When we allow our Good Shepherd to lead us, we are giving Christ the reins on our Spirit trail. When He is the driver, we can never get lost. When He is in control, we leave doubt, worry, fear, sickness, and solitude at the bus stop. If you truly want a better understanding of this ever raging battle, read this book. It will elevate your mode of thinking to reach a higher ground. It is a battle! Ken sufficiently equips us with scripture and doctrine, to be certain we're wearing the best armor God can provide. Larry “B” Bertram