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J. Nozipo Maraire

A mother in Zimbabwe writes a long letter to her daughter, who is on the way to America to study at Harvard, tracing the family's role in Zimbabwe's struggle for independence and what it means to be an African woman. Reprint.

download ebook zenzele pdf epub

Nozipo Maraire

Written as an extended letter from a black Zimbabwean mother to her daughter leaving for a university place in America, this refreshing and poignant first novel draws back a veil to reveal life in Africa today. Using the lyrical African tradition of dialogue through storytelling, she weaves her tales into a complex fabric of experiences and so reveals the texture of her culture and the rich colours of her own life. The stories, a blend of traditional African folklore, personal tragedy and candid observations, speak of the beauty of love and passion, the burden of oppression and the pain of loss. Through Zimbabwe`s fight for independence, ZENZELE reveals the inner struggles of a woman to render comprehensible the contradictions of the revolution and define a role for herself as a woman and mother.

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Bantu Mniki

This is a children's story which provides a basis for parents, teachers and mentors to give life lessons. It is simple but profound on many levels. First and foremost it presents to young minds, the idea that what we do to others, we must be prepared to face ourselves. It provokes thought, consideration and character building in an entertaining way. It exposes young minds to the age old style of African story telling for the present age in a simple language and form as universal as the story itself.

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Crimson Rose

Zenzele’s fall from grace was an inevitability just waiting to happen and her boss James MacKenzie set himself up to be the one to knock her off the high horse she had been riding for far too long. After losing a bet she had no hopes of winning, the strong-willed, self-centered Dominatrix assumed the last role she ever imagined when she found herself submitting to the one man she could not stand being around more than a few seconds. This book is a collection of all 9 stories in the Dominating Zenzele series brought together in one place and formatted for a smoother reading experience.

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Crimson Rose

As they continue their cross-country trip to the mysterious destination Master James is keeping to himself, Zenzele is subjected to more humiliation and kinky sex in an attempt to push her over the limit and bring her to admit what she really is at heart. Defiant to the end, she refused to give in to her Master’s taunts until it’s too late. Broken and defeated, she finally gives him what he wants and is rewarded by getting some firsthand experience being a ponygirl for a group of horny men.